TCM Classics:The Han Dynasty:Western Han Dynasty(Feb 28th,202 B.C.~Jan 10th,9 AD),Xin Dynasty (9–23 AD),Eastern Han Dynasty(25.~220 AD).


 The Han Dynasty:Western Han Dynasty(Feb 28th,202 B.C.~Jan 10th,9 AD),Xin Dynasty (9–23 AD),Eastern Han Dynasty(25.~220 AD). Han Dynasty Icon
 Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi,Shang Han Za Bing Lun,Jin Kui Yao Lue Fang Lun,Zhong Zang Jing,Shang Han Lun,etc.Physicians and herbalists of Han period believed that the human body subjected to the same forces of nature that governed the greater universe,namely the cosmological cycles of yin and yang and the five phases.Each organ of the body was associated with a particular phase. Illness was viewed as a sign that qi or "vital energy" channels leading to a certain organ had been disrupted.

The Saint died,the Big-Thief can not rise,the society go smooth and no events.The Holy-Man Not-Die,the Big-Thief can Not be-stopped.

Once brook and stream dried up the valley will appear very spacious,once mountain and hills deplanation deep pool seems extraordinarily fulfilling.Once the Saint died,so Thieves will not rise again,the world come to peace and no misfortune.When Saints became immortal,Thieves will not abort. Even the whole community reuse Sage and Saints to govern the world,then this also provide the maximum benefits for those big Thieves.(Let them) To design the measurements for the people,Dou,Hu(7),then they will steal these measuring instrument;(Let them)To design counterpoise and steelyard for weight,then they will steal these too;To design the Symbol and Seal to win the trust of the people,they will steal the Symbol and Seal too;(Let them)To design the kindheartedness and justice for regulation of morality and action,they will steal justice togethor with kindness.Why know things like such?Those folks steal small things like waistband,rings and hooks got punished and killed,but those who steal the whole nation became the feudal princes;at the gate of those feudal princes there exist kindness and justice.Thus kindness justice and wisedom holyness got stolen means this?Thus,those folks following Big-Thieves,sit on the feudal princes position,stole kindness and justice,stole measuring instrument,stole symbols and seals,even there were big reward could not be preached,even there were punishment and killing threaten could not forbidden.All these situation good for Big-Thieves and could not stop them,is the faults of the Saints.

《庄子·胠箧》(Zhuāng Zi·QūQiè).

庄子(Chuang Tzu).

 项羽Xiang Yu项羽(Xiang Yu,232~202 BC),name 籍(Ji),alias 羽(Yu),native to 下相(XiaXiang of Qin,today's Suqian of Jiang Su province),grandson of the famous general XiangYan of Chu Kingdom during the Warring States,famous ancient general,a generation hero,very strong to lift a heavy tripod,year 209 B.C,or the 1st year of Qin Ershi,Chen She and Wu Guguang uprising and revolted in Daze village,Xiang Yu,at very young about 24 age,followed his uncle Xiang Liang correspondingly revolted at WuZhong area.Year 207 B.C.,in the battle of Julu,the army led by XiangYu and his generals utterly defeated the Qin troops,and proclaim titled "The King of Chu" after the Qin dynasty terminated,rule the nine shires of liang chu at downstream section of the Yangtse River and the Yellow River,failed in series wars happened later with Liu Bang group,for his own arrogance and not listen to reasonable advice from his loyal counsellor 范增(Fan Zen) and others,at year 202 B.C.,the fierce and ambitious general XiangYu failed in wars,and refuse surrender instead committed suicide by cutting his own throat in the Wujiang River Edge,although failed,yet his story and creditworthy became an everlasting heroic legend.

 刘邦liu bangLiu Bang,native to Pei Jun Feng Yi Zhong Yang(沛郡丰邑中阳里,today's Feng County of Xu Zhou city.),ever elected as a village chang at Qin period,a head of local loafer gangs,with some courage and insight,at time lunar calendar September of year 209 B.C.,forced to lead his followers revolt at Pei county(沛县),at the end of Qin after revolt of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang,with aid of many brave and loyal generals and wiseman counsellors,rely on both wars and conspiracies,Liu Bang group got defeated many times,discomfited in every battle,yet keep on fighting,lucky got final success in the series of wars and political negotiations.Year Feb 28th,202 B.C.Liu Bang claimed to be a King at Ding Tao city,north bank of the Sishui River,founded Capital at Chang An at july,founded Han Dynasty!Liu Bang taken the theory of Huang Lao and Taoism tradition,issued policy to let folks revitalize for recovery from the effects of war,reduced corvee and taxes,cleared laws and publishment,which brought long years of peace and accumulated the wills of the folks.Liu Bang is one of the most far-sight King,series policies issued by him and followers prompted society development,established the Generous and Grand culture basis of Han,which brought long years of Han culture prosperous and core idea formation of natioal identity belief.

 Those rationalism from schools of Pre-Qin period,like Lao-tzu “道法自然Tao models itself after nature”,“无为而治Noninterference,or govern by doing nothing that goes against nature”,Mo Tzu “非命No Destiny”,and “君无常贵,民无常贱No ruler always noble,No folks always humble”,Lu Buwei “天下是天下人的天下The world belongs to all the people of the world”,is the basic culture origin of the Han Nationality is called “汉”,these rationalism thoughts became the official theory basis guided the early Han period known as the "Rule of Wen and Jing".

 Followed QinShiHuang,Emperor Wu of Han using confucian scholar Dong Zhongshu,promotion confucianism as the official ideology of the Chinese imperial state,declared themselves as Son of Heaven,represent both Secular Authority and Religious Authority,continued the evil tradition started by QinShiHuang,the ugly confucianism come into power of the Secular Authority culture system.

 Dong Zhongshu(179-104 B.C.) are famous for his study of Gong Yang Chun Qiu,his works available including Ju Xian Liang Dui Ce(3 articles),Chun Qiu Fan Lu(17 volumes,total 82 articles),used Yin-Yang and Five-Elements Theory to re-interpret traditional confucianism,Dong Zhongshu proposed that major secular things(human birth,position of the emperor,morals,laws,disasters and dooms) are all subjected to Tian(heaven),the big master,and concluded that the authority of secular emperor are origined from Tian(the big master),so "JunZhu Shou Ming Yu Tian"(which means "kings and emperors are listening to injunctions of Tian"),so "Ci Tian Zhi Suo Yi Xing Zhou Guo Ye,Fei Zhou Guo Zhi Suo Neng Wei Ye"(which means "this is the reason Tian make Zhou kingdom rised,but not Zhou kingdom itself can do.")1,Dong's theory got passed and developed on by later scholars of Han Dynasty,including Xiahou ShiChang,Mu Hong,Xiahou Sheng,Li Xun,etc.combined with ChenWei theory,confucianism got the power to mime some thing religion since Han Dynasty,numerous description with ChenWei and "Tian Ren Gan Ying" could be found from books written in Han Dynasty.

 Confucianism and its Poison:confucianism,which started with Confucius(孔子,孔玌,孔老二),greatly destroyed,ruined and poisoned Chinese's conscience,intuitive knowledge,intellectuality,and judgement ability,these has many aspects:

 KongLaoEr ConfuciusConfucianism destroyed chinese's conscience,according to some famous comtemporary thinker Li Ming(黎鸣,alias Philosophy Crow,1944~?)(4),Confucius is actually the Satan of the far east,the biggest Demon in the Chinese Civilization.Confucius and his disciples lured and pretended to suggest that "confucianism is chinese's cultural tradition",it taught that a successful chinese should study good then join the government to be an offical and respect their emperor,these people in government must destroy their own conscience and lying day after day,only respect "孝悌忠恕,亲亲尊尊(Xiao Ti Zhong Shu,Qin Qin Zun Zun)",which means only "show filial obedience,loyal to the old,only good to relatives and own filial relations,"(thus not care about others and publicity),the confucian intellectuals(儒家知识分子) actually became "worthless wretch(窝囊废蠢材)","mental eunuch(精神太监阉人)" in the human civilization history,their mouth could not tell truth findings,their hand could not performe invention with real knowledge,their heart and mind has no ability to create something;but on the contrary,their mouth are good at flattery,their hands good at lick sb.'s shoes,and their hearts are good at schemes and intrigues,but could not possibly think out any creative theory with logic system and honesty.The so called big confucian scholar in the history and dynasties,are actually "big worthless wretch",and Confucius's confucianism,actually are "theory of worthless wretch(废物之学)”,in the over 2000 year history of confucianism,the confucian chinese education turned generations of young chinese people into the orderly ranks of "worthless wretch" in the human civilization.This is a serious historical crime to all chinese folk.

 As the confucianism tradition's core "heart of gratefulness",all focused on so called "亲,尊,长(Qin,Zun,Zhang,or the Relatives,the Respected,the Older)",this three aspect,thus the conscience who believe in confucianism,is only the thankful heart or grateful heart of the so called "the Relatives,the Respected,the Older",thus chinese's "conscience" especially emphasis "孝悌(filial piety and fraternal duty)" to the relatives,and emphasis on the so called 忠恕(Loyalty and forgiveness) to the respect.As for the confucian sense of worth “Qin Qin Zun Zun Zhang Zhang亲亲尊尊长长(which means kind to the relatives,respect the repected,loyal to the old)”,most traditional chinese's "heart of gratefulness" all focused and concentrated on those sensible,tangible aspect of person,which means only related with person's "Practical Interest",but never ever considered and think of the gratefulness in the transcendental realm(like the truth,findings,sincerity,idea,values,creation,etc).Compare to those christians who show gratefulness heart and worship for god,doubtlessly chinese's gratefulness of heart displays its narrow-minded,extreme poverty,extreme utility,extreme vulgar,extrame selfish,professor Li Ming suggested this problem actually origined from the extreme ugly vulgar worth sense of confucianism.

 confucius the devilAs a teacher,the ugly confucius felt very unhappy,then he asked his student::“could a gentleman not be an official one day?,i had not be an official for 3 months,and now i live in terror and uncertainty.”,confucius was a an excellent representative of those brain-damaged scholars before Qin,according to historian 司马迁,confucius's birth is a result of “纥与颜氏女野合而生孔子”(《史记·孔子世家》(Shi Ji·Kong Zi Shi Jia)),which means confucius's papa Qi intercourse with his mom YanShi at very high age,born by an very old man and a young girl,so maybe some birth defects,there is an area on the baby confucius head concaved,which possibility may cause some physical mental problems,which may high possibility cause the baby confucius some trouble of physical and physiological brain defects,which high possibility that confucius is a born brain-damaged person,and this also suggested by his own name "孔丘(kong qiu)",the meaning of his name "丘",ancient literature recorded a very funny phenomena,as historian 司马迁(Si Maqian) recorded in his classics 《史记·孔子世家》(Shi Ji·Kong Zi Shi Jia) about this defects,that "[ 孔子]生而首上圩顶,故因名曰丘云。” ,later historian 司马贞(Sima Zhen)recorded in his classics 《索隐》(Suo Yin) explained those history records that:“圩顶言顶上窳也,故孔子顶如反宇。反宇者,若屋宇之反,中低而四傍高也。”,which means there is a big hole on the top head of confucius,like a converse wood roof,low in the center and higher at around,a disabled baby.

 The confucianism actually prompt china whatever epoch turn into a virtueless wicked,fainthearted and low-spirited,mendacious,discredit society.

 The famous saying of the confucianism tradition about "食色性也"(which mean "eat and sex are the nature of human") instigated and degraded the confucian generations believers completely to secular and temporal level,and bring "food(and eat)" and "sex(intercourse)" became two main supporting point of them,thus make the "food" and "sex" got some holy meanings,or a kind of pseudo religion.

 The ugly old confucius established their own characterized opinion "morality道德" to a great height,preach "以德治国(rule with morality)",and ask then force all others to obey that specific "morality道德",which result confucianism publicize sacrifice and high moral standards and morally blackmail those who acted differently,the core propaganda of Confucius is “use morality to substitute nomocracy”,confucius proclaim rule of virtue,instead of rule of nomocracy,and he hold his own day-dream belief that a "nation of morality" can be harmony and moral,like what confucius ever said “君子之德风,小人之德草,草上之风,必偃。”(《论语·颜渊第十二》),which means "the virtue of ruler is like wind,the virtue of folks is like grass,the wind blow on the grass,the grass must fall toward the wind direction.";but as the ancestor of chinese moralist worshiped by later generation rulers,what wicked thing confucis ever did?The history classic of confuciusm named 《论语》,in its section "阳货",recorded a a real wicked confucius:"公山弗扰以费衅,召,子欲往,子路不悦,曰:'末之也已,何必公山氏之之也!'子曰:'夫召我岂徒哉!如有用我者,吾其为东周乎!'",which means "Gong ShanFu launched a military coup at city Fei and against the Lu Kingdom,send invitation to ask confucis join,confucius want to,disciple Zilu not pleased,and ask:'is there no other places we can go?why definitely go to the place of Gong ShanFu!'confucius tell:'that guy can invite me without no purpose!If there is some useness,i will do things for east zhou!'"This historical events recorded in the confuciusm classics seems showed that wealth and official rank was the actual highest aim of the ugly confucius,and his own faith belief could be sold for this.

 The core opinion of confucius morality is said as "仁者爱人",“己所不欲,勿施于人”,which means "The benevolent loves others",and "do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.",these beautiful sentence sounds like sense,but it does not works at all because confuciusm has some higher morality rules like “亲亲为大”,“爱有差等”,which means "thoese relatives are the most important",and "love is different among different people",when the love of confuciusm met a stranger out of the relatives circle it became into coldness and cruelty.Actually the "others" which could be loved must be a "people on one's own side",so actually the virtue of confuciusm is indeed a kind of private virtue among relatives,and could never become into a public virtue,which brought a strange but understandable phenomena,that is "仁爱之邦无人道!",in the so called "in the nation worship so called such kind and love,there is no humanity and actual manner is inhumane!"This strange phenomena of the confucius china has its ugly origin in one of its classics《礼记》(Li Ji),it proclaimed and instigated “亲亲以三为五,以五为九……而亲毕矣”,which means out of the relative scope,the love stopped,and morality became invalid.Thus chinese hold a very strange and ugly custom which treat a stranger apathetically with coldness,this finally composed a deplorable cultural structure of communications,and every chinese dynasty or states worship confucianism finally became moral degeneracy in its late period,and this kind of moral degeneracy may accelerated the corruption and final breakdown and crash of such a "dynasty of morality".One logic result of the confucian orthodoxy dynasties is that common and wide scope moral turpitude appear everywhere in the middle and late period of it,and the wide scope moral turpitude from top to bottom again prompt trustworthy collapse in public sphere and accelerated the final collapse of those dynasties.The failure of the dynasties has its root reason within the structure of chinese family worshiped confuciusm.In the ancient time of the so called "仁爱之邦a nation worship kind and love",a baby girl has risks being drowned by their "mom,dad,or even granny and grandpa",in to so called "孝道国家a nation worship of filial piety",countless eld living on pick rubbish.The basis of confucianism,the patriarchal clan system determined that the family interest definitely opposite and against society,those so called well-known saying of confucianism including "天下大同unity of the world"、"仁者爱人the benevolent loves others",sounds very beautiful but actually all become lies and tricks when put into the basket of the patriarchal clan system in which patrimony and authority is hereditary.

 The indifference and coldness to those specific others(who out of relatives) belief in confucius morality system actually prompted and strengthened the natural subconsciousness psychological suggestions or psychological hints of the other core belief of confuciusm morality,in daily life repeatness.For those chinese worship confuciusm and lack in belief of human rights,humanity and equality,whatever epoch,out of the family morality sphere of the relatives,facing the strangers,their character very easy turn from good people to thugs,and for the subconsciousness reason this transformation nearly No apparent obstacle.So no surprisingly in the late period or end comes following the flourishing epoch of each dynasty,those obedient and good people nearly turned into hecklers and mobs in one night,and nearly all chinese dynasties terminated in revolts is just another result of the confucian orthodoxy dynasties could never avoided.

 And,confucius is actually the ancestor of sexualgender discrimination in China,in the theory of confucius,a women has no soul and only has a body,so for confucius kill a women does not count as murder,and in the opinion of confucius a women is only a property,but not a living person.

 As what modern historian Prof.黄仁宇(Ray Huang,June 25,1918~January 8,2000) ever proposed and summarized in his classics 《万历十五年》(1587,a Year of No Significance: The Ming Dynasty in Decline.):"use morality to substitute nomocracy,is the crux of all problems in the past 2000 years."The worship of virtue belief,did Great-Harm to China.

 As ancient thinker 庄子(Chuang Tzu) ever proposed that "圣人不死,大盗不止。(The Holy-Man Not-Die,the Big-Thief can Not be-stopped.)".The ugly old Confucius got worshipped as the Saint by all generations of ancient autocrats and tyrants,his opinion bring a long lasting serious social problems.Those Holy-Man are all perfect,never make mistakes,then people always worship those Holy-Man,and finally the Holy-Man are first and finally all emperors.In the history of China,all those autocrats are complex of Saint and Big-Thief,in the name they are holy-Man("Son of the Sky"),and in deeds,almost all of them are Big-Demon and Big-Thief.When Big-Thief got succeed in war and became into emperors,they need rectification the name,so confucianism are needed to describe those Big-Thief turned emperors as "Son of the Sky",after the dress up by confucianism,those Big-Thief turned emperors self declared as authentic emperors,and the second generation became hereditary successor,they all hope their power never fall,but unfortunately when those emperors and dictators of the last reign of a dynasty lost in wars or political power,they would unfortunately again got described as criminals by new Big-Thief turned emperors.The whole records of the official "the Twenty-Four Histories" of ancient China is such a kind of stories transformation of Big-Thief and Emperors.And this is another reason why the ugly confucianism got chosen as an official ideology.

 The Emperor Wu of Han worship officially the unified ideological belief that "oust others doctrines,only overwhelming Confucianism. ",completely abandoned those various rationalism origined since Pre-Qin period,but worship the irrationalism Confucianism,led the Chinese culture and belief to a wrong and evil road.

 The origin of Classical Prescriptions of China,may traced back to 《本经》Ben Jing,this exact authorship of this classics is still not identified,ancient holy man "Shen Nong" was masqueraded as assumed author of this classic,actually this classic had been edited by generations of ancient Chinese herbalists since Period of Shen Nong Shi(Year around 8000~3000B.C.),and before the Period of Huang Di(Year 2717~2599 B.C.).

 Till the Han Dynasty,History classic 《汉书-艺文志》(Han Shu-Yi Wen Zhi) ever recorded so called "经方十一家"(Jing Fang Shi Yi Jia,or 11-Classical Prescriptions),which still survive and available at Han Dynasty Period,they are normally known as:《五脏六腑痹十二病方》(Wu Zang Liu Fu Bi Shi Er Bing Fang),30 volumes,《五脏六腑疝十六病方》(Wu Zang Liu Fu Shan Shi Liu Bing Fang),40 volumes,《五脏六腑瘅十二病方》(Wu Zang Liu Fu Dan Shi Er Bing Fang),40 volumes,《风寒热十六病方》(Feng Han Re Shi Liu Bing Fang),26 volumes,《秦始皇帝扁鹊俞拊方》(Qin Shi Huang Di Bian Que Yu Fu Fang),23 volumes,《五脏伤中十一病方》(Wu Zang Shang Zhong Shi Yi Bing Fang),30 volumes,《客疾五脏狂癫病方》(Ke Ji Wu Zang Kuang Dian Bing Fang),17 volumes,《金剑疭瘈方》(Jin Jian Zòng Chì Fang),30 volumes,《妇人婴儿方》(Fu Ren Yin Er Fang),19 volumes,《汤液经法》(Tang Ye Jing Fa),32 volumes,《神农黄帝食禁》(Shen Nong Huang Di Shi Jin),7 volumes,total 294 volumes.These classics all disappeared and vanished in later period,but ever spread widely in Han Period.

 The representative Prescriptions Classics 《汤液经法》(Tang Ye Jing Fa) and its name records in history classic obviously its existence on and before the Han Dynasty Period,it is a classics which reflect the further development of ancient Prescriptions Classics.

 Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi《周易参同契》
 《周易参同契》,or Analogism of Principles of Changes Formulated in the Zhou Dynasty,written by Wei Boyang of the Han Dynasty,in which along with teachings about making elixers(pills) of immortality externally through alchemy,the art of internal exercise for immortality is dealt with,and the part of the human body where qi was believed to be stored was thus called dantian(elixir field),analogous to the furnace in alchemy.

 Actually,Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi,or Can Tong Qi is an early classics of the Taoism,appear at middle to late of Eastern Han Dynasty,and a summary of nature-cultivation and alchemy from past.About its author Wei BoYang,one viewpoint noted his name Wei Ao,Bo Yang is his alias,native ShangYu town of Kuai Ji Jun(Kuai Ji Jun was name from ancient official administrative area of Han Dynasty,which means today's Shang Yu City,ZheJiang Province.),there is no records of his life and works in official history.

 According to Shen Xian Zhuan(Legends of Immortals,by Ge Hong),Ge Hong noted:"Wei Boyang Zhe,Wu Ren ye.Gao Men Zhi Zi,er Xing Hao Dao Shu,Bu Ken Shi Huan,Xian Ju Yang Xing,Shi Ren Mo Zhi Qi Suo Cong Lai....Bo Yang Zuo Can Tong Qi,Wu Xiang Lei Fan Er Juan,Qi Shuo Ru Si Jie Shi Zhou Yi,Qi Shi Jia Jie Bo Xiang,Yi Lun Zuo Dan Zhi Yi.Er Ru Zhe Bu Zhi Shen Xian Zhi Shi,Duo Zuo Yin Yang Zhu Zhi,Shu Shi Qi Ao Zhi Ye.(in Chinese"魏伯阳者,吴人也。高门之子,而性好道术,不肯仕宦,闲居养性,时人莫知其所从来...伯阳作《参同契》,《五相类》凡二卷,其说如似解释《周易》,其实假借爻象,以论作丹之意。而儒者不知神仙之事,多作阴阳注之,殊失其奥旨也。"which means:Wei Boyang native to Wu,is Son of GaoMen,fond of witchery and alchemy,would not be an official,stay at home idle and practice nature-cultivation,folks do not know where he come from...Boyang written Can Tong Qi,Wu Xiang Lei,all 2 volumes,his theory sounds like interpretation of Zhou Yi,actually discuss matter of alchemy while practise divination.But confucian scholar does not know legend of immortals,so their notes often give interpretation based on Yin-Yang theory,that definitely lost its exact meanings)"(3)

 The content of Can Tong Qi,its theory proposed about matter of alchemy and immortals,emphasis that alchemy share same reason as land-sky nature,Yi Dao and Dan Dao(theory of alchemy) has shareness,thus the theory of Yi which explain sky-land nature changes could also help explain alchemy and nature-cultivation.His theory considered that everything changes and come into being,are results of essence development.Thus to be longivity,must listen to changes of Yin-Yang,practice accroding to the running principles of the Qian Kun 64 Gua(or sky-nature 64 Diagrams),thus so called alchemy.This book actually became the classics and reference of ancient alchemy.

 Can Tong Qi,according to 朱熹(Zhu Xi),is actually the king book of Nei Dan,which hide superb or great vehicle magic code of Dan method inside it,and edited a book named Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi Kao Yi(《周易参同契考异》) himself solely,and give cautions to scholar at that time that they should not show disdian or denigrate it.

 《广汤液论》Guang Tang Ye Lun 《广汤液论》Guang Tang Ye Lun
 《广汤液论》(Guang Tang Ye Lun),or 《汤液广论》(Tang Ye Lun Guang),or 《论广汤液》(Lung Guang Tang Ye),Tang Ye Jing Supplement.written by herbalist 张机(Zhāng jī).

 When the years herbalist 皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) came to the world,herbalist 张机(Zhāng jī) was still alive,皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) may be one of the herbalist who knows 张机(Zhāng jī) more clear and years very close,and herbalist 皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) ever written in his classics 《甲乙经序》(Jia Yi Jing-Xu) that "伊尹以元圣之才,撰用《神农本草》以为《汤液》,汉张仲景论广汤液为十数卷,用之多验。",which means "Yi Yin,with his wisdom as Premordial Sage,compiled Shen Nong Ben Cao and wrote Tang Ye,Zhang Zhongjing of Han Dynasty supplemented Tang Ye into dozens of volumes,apply to treatment and very effective.".

 Literature evidence from modern TCM scholars seems proved that the original classic copy written by herbalist 张机(Zhāng jī) is not titled as《伤寒杂病论》(Shang Han Za Bing Lun) or 《伤寒卒病论》(Shang Han Zu Bing Lun),instead the most possible name which titled by herbalist 张机(Zhāng jī) himself may be《论广汤液》(Lung Guang Tang Ye,or Tang Ye Jing Supplement).This is a breakthrough literature and textual authentication discovery which devoted by modern Chinese TCM scholars with many years study,they are all serious genuinely learned scholars,and known to today's folks as 杨绍伊(Yáng Shàoyī),钱超尘(Qián Chāochén),李茂如(Lǐ Màorú),胡希恕(Hú Xīshù) and 冯世纶(Féng Shìguān).This big discovery has and will display its far-reaching effects and very big importance for the classical prescription reinterpretation,to better understand the early development of TCM schools,and to reevaluate the importance and affects of ancient herablists.

 According to these series of textual authentication discovery(6),the book titled 《伤寒杂病论》(Shang Han Za Bing Lun) or 《伤寒卒病论》(Shang Han Zu Bing Lun),actually is edited by herbalist 王熙(Wang Xi),judged with the book name titled by 王熙(Wang Xi),modern TCM scholars concluded that 王熙(Wang Xi) did not saw the original legacy copy of the Tang Ye Jing supplemented by 张机(Zhāng jī),he used classics 《胎胪药录》(Tai Lu Yao Lu)《平脉辩证》(Ping Mai Bian Zheng),and tried interpret the original book of 张机(Zhāng jī) with 《内经》(Nei Jing),affected with the conception about "伤寒有五"(There are five implications of Shang Han) from ancient classics 《难经》(Nan Jing),when herbalist 王熙(Wang Shuhe) marking the title name of the original book of 张机(Zhāng jī),hard to avoid case that 王熙(Wang Shuhe) confused the term of 伤寒(Shang Han) from the original copy supplemented by 张机(Zhāng jī) with those terms of 伤寒(ShangHan) from 《内经》(Nei Jing) and 《难经》(Nan Jing),and tried interpret the original class of 张机(Zhāng jī) with 《内经》(Nei Jing),and 王熙(Wang Shuhe) may considered the ancient classic 《内经》(Nei Jing) was the classic ancestor of the original classic copy written by 张机(Zhāng jī),and finally herbalist 王熙(Wang Shuhe) compiled those contents related with "三阴三阳"(Three Yin Three Yang) and "诸可与不可"(All those applicables and not applicables) from the original classic of 张机(Zhāng jī) togethor,titled as 《伤寒论》(Shang Han Lun),also he compiled those contents which he identified related with miscellaneous diseases togethor,titled as 《金匮要略》(Jin Kui Yao Lue),after triple times editing,finally combined these two titles and name them togethor as 《伤寒杂病论》(Shang Han Za Bing Lun).And those description about the literature origin presented in the preface of 《伤寒论》(Shang Han Lun) like "撰用《素问、九卷》、《八十一难》、《阴阳大论》、《胎胪药录》并《平脉辩证》为《伤寒杂病论》。",this sentence actually added by herbalist 王熙(Wang Shuhe) himself,not by by 张机(Zhāng jī).

 Herbalist 皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) ever saw 《汤液经法》(Tang Ye Jing Fa) or 《伊尹汤液》(Yi Yin Tang Ye)himself,and 皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) also ever read "王淑和撰次仲景遗论"(Wang Shu He Zhuan Ci Zhong Jing Yi Lun),with comparation,Herbalist 皇甫谧(Huangfu Mi) concluded that the classics left by herbalist 张机(Zhāng jī) was edited and supplemented from 《汤液经法》(Tang Ye Jing Fa).

 Shang Han Za Bing Lun Shang Han Za Bing Lun《伤寒杂病论》
 《伤寒杂病论》,or Treatise on Cold-induced and Miscellaneous Diseases,written by Zhang Zhongjing at the beginning of the 3rd century,edited and named by herbalist Wang Shuhe in which diagnosis and treatment of fevers and other miscellaneous diseases are dealt with.The book was rearranged by Wang Shuhe in the Jin Dynasty,and later in the Song Dynasty it was divided by Jiao Zheng Yi Shu Ju,or Bureau for Rectifying and Publishing Medical Books into two parts:Shang Han Lun,or Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases and Jin Kui Yao Lue Fang Lun,or Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber.

 Jin Kui Yao Lue Fang Lun Jin Kui Yao Lue Fang Lun《金匮要略方论》
 《金匮要略方论》,or Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber,or simply Jin Kui Yao Lue,or Synopsis of the Golden Chamber,by Zhang Zhongjing at the beginning of the 3rd century.It was named and rearranged by Wang Shuhe in three volumes,dealing mainly with miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine,and some surgical and women's diseases in 25 chapters,including 262 prescriptions.

 Zhong Zang Jing Zhong Zang Jing《中藏经》
 Zhong Zang Jing(《中藏经》),or Hua Shi Zhong Zang Jing(《华氏中藏经》),or Treasured Classic,a comprehensive book on medicine,ascribed to Hua Tuo(华佗) but most probably written by an unknown author during the Six Dynasties.Mordern scholars has some consensus the book may origined from disciples of Hua Tuo,such like Wu Pu(吴普) and Fan A(樊阿),who written it into text according to Tuo's lectures,and spread by copy from followers.The book includes 49 articles on diagnosis and treatment,pulse,internal organs,deficiency and excess syndromes,cold and heat syndromes,etc,as well as a list of prescriptions.Zhong Zang Jing use zang-fu theory or theory of viscera as core,systemly summarized and explained previous theories about life and disease from articles of Nei Jing and Nan Jing,togethor with explains and supplements from author added,form the primary shape of dialectical zang-fu(viscera) theory of TCM,brings very deep and far influence to the development of zang-fu theory later years.Its theory got absorped by later herbalist,like zang-fu theory in Qian Jing Yao Fang by herbalist Sun SiMiao,and zang-fu theory for paediatrics from herbalist Qian Yi,with his classics Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue,and zang-fu theory of herbalist Zhang Yuansu(张元素) in his classics Yi Xu Qi Yuan almost all quoted the zang-fu theory from Hua Tuo.

 Shang Han Lun Shang Han Lun《伤寒论》
 《伤寒论》,or Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases(200-205),a new edition of Zhang Zhongjing's Treatise on Cold-induced and Miscellaneous Diseases,rearranged by Wang Shuhe in 10 volumes,in which acute febrile diseases induced by cold are analysed and differentiated in accordance with the theory of the six meridians.This book has been one of the most influential works in the history of Chinese medicine.

 Some modern scholar(2) commented that although the listed herbs numbers in Shan Han Lun and Jin Kui Yao Lue are not very big,but these herbs listed are already screened and selected,they are the essence part,thus its author Zhang Zhongjing are respected as "Zhu Fang Zhi Zu"(ancestor of recipes).

 Zhen Zhong Hong Bao Yuan Mi Shu Zhen Zhong Hong Bao Yuan Mi Shu
 《枕中鸿宝苑秘书》,Zhen Zhong Hong Bao Yuan Mi Shu,according to Han Shu.Chu Yuan Wang Zhuan(《汉书·楚元王传(附刘向)》):“上(宣帝)复兴神仙方术之事,而淮南有枕中《鸿宝》、《苑秘书》,书言神仙使鬼物为金之术,及邹衍重道延命方,世人莫见。”.which means "Emperor Xuan Di(reign title of 刘询,Liu Xun) revive matter of immortal and necromancy arts,and Huai Nan Wang(5) kept private book under his pillow,one named Hong Bao,another named Yuan Mi Shu,its content is about immortal craft which use ghost and things to turn gold,and about breed and life extending method,folks never saw it."

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 5: Huai Nan Wang(淮南王):刘安Liu An,179-122.B.C,belong to imperial family of West Han,grandson of 刘邦(Liu Bang),son of 刘长(Liu Zhang).
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 7: Dou:"斗",ancient unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decalitre);Hu:"斛",ancient unit of dry measure,originally equal to 10 dou,later 5 dou.

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