How search engine think about Plantain?


How search engine think about Plantain?

Plantain Seed Extract INCI Name Plantago Ovata Seed Extract EINECS ELINCS No 290-178-8 CAS 90082-86-3 plantain is now naturalized throughout the united states
plantain is a shallow mostly fibrous rooted perennial
plantain is a winter annual
plantain is a very familiar perennial 'weed
plantain is given to
plantain is so common in grassy areas that it is likely to be overlooked
plantain is normally eaten as a starchy staple food
plantain is adapted to a wide range of soil acidity ph
plantain is an annual
plantain is goodyera repens
plantain is deep rooted and exhibits drought tolerance similar to orchardgrass
plantain is sometimes called kemp
plantain is an evergreen perennial to 45 cm tall
plantain is a common weedy species of the west
plantain is considered a common and noxious weed by some and a miracle plant by others
plantain is to look for a purple tinge on stem
plantain is also known as common plantain and dooryard plantain
plantain is a perennial found throughout california
plantain is found most often in low
plantain is stemless with the leaves forming a rosette
plantain is preferred; after application of the crown pads
plantain is the plant associated with the big winds moon
plantain is used both internally and externally
plantain is found throughout europe
plantain is a cooling herb in all toxic conditions with heat
plantain is a large rosette of strongly ribbed leaves; these leaves are broad
plantain is the name for plants of genus plantago
plantain is a perennial weed of the genus plantago which includes more than 200 widely distributed species
plantain is the staple food of choice in cities as well as in villages
plantain is primarily a weed of lawns
plantain is currently being marketed as a stop smoking aid
plantain is a weed which usually shows itself as an irritating addition to people nicely manicured lawns
plantain is approved by the german commission e for internal use to ease coughs and mucous membrane irritation associated with upper respiratory tract
plantain is considered a starch; later
plantain is a very common herb in most places
plantain is a perennial herb that is native to europe and asia
plantain is an evergreen perennial herb of slender
plantain is a member of the banana family
plantain is also known as white
plantain is a fairly common genus of temperate grasslands throughout the world
plantain is a perennial weed of the genus plantago
plantain is rich in minerals and vitamins c and k
plantain is subdivided into
plantain is found only in europe
plantain is sometimes recommended to increase virility
plantain is now widespread over the world
plantain is not woolly or hairy
plantain is called
plantain is the most common broad
plantain is never eaten raw
plantain is never eaten in its raw state
plantain is found almost everywhere throughout the us where soil is fertile and somewhat compacted
plantain is said to contain the spirits of the dead who still crave light
plantain is an herb of natural grasslands known widely as a flatweed of roadsides and waste areas
plantain is removed later
plantain is often called a vegetable because it is traditionally steamed
plantain is sometimes called a fruit and sometimes called a vegetable
plantain is a native
plantain is the common name of any of various plants of the genus plantago
plantain is curved
plantain is usually shipped green and will age to a dark black if desired
plantain is also known by the names greater plantain
plantain is nevertheless used exclusively as a vegetable
plantain is used primarily for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
plantain is a popular food in africa
plantain is not the same as apprehending a plantain
plantain is used to heal skin lesions
plantain is not very significant during the wholesale process
plantain is a master
plantain is a weedy plant
plantain is native to eurasia and is a weed of roadsides
plantain is more cold resistant
plantain is a fibrous
plantain is often ignored here because people judge it as if it were a banana and decide it's too green
plantain is 10 to 15 inches long
plantain is a very common plant growing in waste places
plantain is perennial and can be found in grassy areas all over the united states and europe
plantain is a staple article of food in most tropical countries
plantain is traditionally used to nourish and treat sensitive
plantain is one of those plants that most people have seen and recognize
plantain is a european endemic aquatic plant which is now rare and threatened across its whole range
plantain is a member of the banana family having a similar appearance but is much larger and can only be eaten when cooked
plantain is very high in beta carotene
plantain is listed on annexes ii and iv of the habitats directive and appendix i of the berne convention
plantain is the weed with flat leaves that grows in hard compacted soils
plantain is a well
plantain is reported
plantain is very simple
plantain is used for
plantain is an herb i would not want to do without
plantain is the "cooking banana"
plantain is a perennial herb with a fibrous root system
plantain is situated in the heart of the forest
plantain is used to clear mucous from the body
plantain is relatively high in calories at 125 per cup


  • 1.Plantago asiatica L.Uses Plantain seed and Plantain Seed Extract.

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  • Name:Plantain Seed Extract
  • Serie No:R020.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-178-8
  • CAS:90082-86-3
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Plantago Ovata Seed Extract is an extract of the seeds of the plantain,Plantago ovata,Plantaginaceae
  • Other Names:Semen Plantaginis Extract.Plantago Asiatice,Plantago depressa willd,Ribwort,Snakeweed,Broadleaf-,Thickleaf-,broad-,round-leaved plantain,Semen plantaginis,psyllium seed,Plantago Ovata Seed,Plantain herb,Che Qian Zi,Che Qian Cao,Arnoglossa,Bazir Dam Bil,Broadleaf Plantain,Buyuk Sinirliot,Daum Sejumbok,Ekur Anjin,Gechi Qulaghi,Grote Weegbree,Lisan Al Hamal,Llanten Mayor,Meloh Kiloh,Oba-Ko,Otot Ototan,Sangka Buwah,Sangkubah,Sangkuwah,Sei Ohr Re,Sembung Otot,Suri Pandak,Tarkuz,Wegerlich.

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Plantain Seed Extract INCI Name Plantago Ovata Seed Extract EINECS ELINCS No 290-178-8 CAS 90082-86-3

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