Combinations of Stigmata Maidis,Corn Silk.


Combinations of Stigmata Maidis,Corn Silk.

Corn Silk Zea Mays Silk CAS 84696-06-0 Stigmata Maidis Zea mays Stigmas and styles Corn stalk  Cornsilk may be combined with Couchgrass, Bearberry, Buchu or Yarrow for the treatment of cystitis.

 Combines well with Agropyron, Arctostaphylos or Achillea in the treatment of cystitis, and with Agrimonia and Equisetum in enuresis. It may be used with Alchemilla arvensis and Eupatorium purporeum in phosphatic or uric acid gravel.


  • 1.Corn Silk and Its Fascinating Uses.

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