Zea Mays,Sweet Corn,the uses and benefit of corn.maize...


Corn Phytochemicals and constituents.:

Sweet corn Extract INCI Name Zea Mays Extract CAS 84696-06-0 photo picture image Phytochemicals and constituents:

 Constituents and Phytochemicals: Flavonoids (maysin),Alkaloids, AlIantoin,Saponins,Volatile oil (about 0.2%),Mucilage,Vitamins C and K,Potassium.
 Trimethyl-benzenes, Dimethoxy-benzenes, 1,8-cineole, 2-methyl-butan-1-al, 2-methyl-butan-1-ol, 2-methyl-naphthalene, 2-methyl-pent-2-en-1-al,
 2-methyl- pentan-3-one, 2-methyl-propan-1-ol, 3'-o-methyl-maysin, 3-methyl-butan -1-ol, Alpha-terpineol, Aluminum, Apiforol, Apigenidin, Ascorbic-acid,
 Benzaldehyde, Beta-carotene, Beta-ionone, Beta-pinene, Beta-sitosterol, Betaine, Biphenyl, Butan-1-ol, Calcium, Carvacrol, Chromium,
 Cinnamic-acid-ethyl-ester, Cyanidin, Daucosterol, Dec-trans-2-cis-4-dien-1-al, Decan-1-al, Decan-1-ol, Dodecan-1-al,
 Eoergosterol, Ethanol, Ethyl-acetate, Ethyl-phenylacetate, Fluorene, Gamma-nonalactone, Geraniol, Glycolic-acid,
 Hept-cis-4-en-2-ol, Hepta-trans-2-cis-4-dien-1-al, Hepta-trans-2-en-1-al, Heptan-1-al, Heptan-1-ol, Heptan-2-ol,
 Hex-1-en-3-ol, Hexan-1-al, Hordenine, Limonene, Luteoforol, Luteolinidin, Manganese, Maysin, Menthol,
 Methyl-phenylacetate, Naphthalene, Non-trans-2-en-1-al, Nona-trans-2-trans-4-dien-1-al, Nonal-n-2-ol,
 Nonan-1-al, O-diethyl-phthalate, Octan-1-ol, Orientin, Pelargonidin, Pentan-1-ol, Phenethyl -alcohol,
 Phenylacetaldehyde, Phytohaemagglutinin, Potassium, Propan-1-ol, Saponin, Silicon, Thiamin, Thymol, Undec-trans-2-en-1-al, Vitexin
 Constituents:Starch, sugar, fat, salts, water, yellow oil, maizenic acid, azotized matter, gluten, dextrine, glucose, cellulose, silica, phosphates of lime and magnesia, soluble salts of potassa and soda.
 Flavonoids (maysin),Alkaloids,AlIantoin,Saponins,Volatile oil (about 0.2%), Mucilage, Vitamins C and K, Potassium.
 Sweet corn Extract INCI Name Zea Mays Extract CAS 84696-06-0 photo picture image

 Composition of Seed (Fresh weight)

 In grammes per 100g weight of food:
 Water: 10.6 Calories: 361 Protein: 9.4 Fat: 4.3 Carbohydrate: 74.4 Fibre: 1.8 Ash: 1.3
 In milligrammes per 100g weight of food:
 Calcium: 9 Phosphorus: 290 Iron: 2.5 VitaminA: 140 Thiamine: 0.43 Riboflavin: 0.1 Niacin: 1.9 VitaminC: 0


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  • Name:Sweet corn Extract
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  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • CAS:84696-06-0
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Zea Mays Extract is an extract of the kernels of corn,Zea mays,Graminae

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Sweet corn Extract INCI Name Zea Mays Extract CAS 84696-06-0 photo picture image

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