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 Archeology Glossary gives brief note or identification and differentiations to ancient words,event or other marks related with herbs and its relatives!

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 Archaeology is the study of past human societies, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data which they have left behind, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes.

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 The discipline involves surveyance, excavation and eventually analysis of data collected in order to learn more about the past. In broad scope, archaeology relies on cross-disciplinary research. It draws upon anthropology, history, art history, classics, ethnology, geography, geology,linguistics, physics, information sciences, chemistry, statistics, paleoecology, paleontology, paleozoology, paleoethnobotany, and paleobotany.

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 Herb Spell:By learning what used you can make of herbs in magic practice,the creating of spells begins to follow a pattern that works for the individual,yet is based upon accepted attributes.Ann Moura give some list of these herbs in a spellbooks.(Caution:Be carefull with poisonous plants since even inhaling the smoke may be danderous.)
Herbs Quality
acacia: burn for altar offering,aids psychic powers,meditation.
agrimony:protection,returns spells to their sender,promptes sleep.
alder:whistles entice the Elemental Air.
allspice:burn for prosperity.
angelica:sprinkle about the house to ward negativity,protection,divination.
anise:purification,protection,entices spirits to aid in spells.
apple:bury in the garden on Samhain as food for the departing spirits,love(share an apple with the one you love),health,attracts unicorns.
mugwort:divination,rub fresh herb on crystal balls and magic mirrors to increase their strength,pick on full moon night.
mustard:health,protection,and fertility.
myrrh:protection,wards negativity,burn for purification and consecrations(usually combined with frankincense)
nutmeg:burn for prosperity.
nuts and cones:use to tip wands for fertility magic.
oak:the God,wands,burn leaves to purify the atmosphere,use galls in charms,acorns draw money,burn wood for good health.
oats:wealth,offering for the God.
orange:peels for love,incense for good fortune,divination.
patchouli:incense for drawing money,fertility,earth,Underworld.
pepper:use in amulets or grow for protection,wards negativity.
pine:brush outdoor ritual area with a branch to purify and sanctify,burn for cleansing,pine needles used in money spells.
rosemary:burn for purification,wards negativity,protection,love,health,grown to attract elves,blessing,consecration.
rowan:wands and amulets for knowledge,incense of leaves and berries for divination,fires to call upon spirits for help,grow for protection of the home,inspiration.
rue:blessing,consecration,protection,use in altar oil,health.
St.John's Wort:burn at Litha to send away nagativity,wear for invincibility,health,willpower,gathered at Litha.
sandalwood:burn for protection,full moon Esbats,wards negativity,spirit offering.
Solomon's Seal:an offering to the elementals for their aid,protection.
star anise:burn for psychic power,good fortune.
straw:attracts fairies,do not burn magic-infused straw as that will bring ill fortune,can be used as an image to protect an area(when no longer needed,release and toss to the wind).
thyme:wards negativity,burn for purification and healing spells.
trefoil:decorate altar,protection,luck,when taking one,leave a bit of ginger or milk poured into the ground as payment to the fairies.
vervain:gather/burn at Litha,altar offering,love,purification,draws riches,creativity,wards psychic attack.
vetivert:love,money,wards negativity.
willow:burn bark with sandalwood for divination,love,protection.
woodruff:add to Beltane wine to clear away barriers,protection,success,changes,psychic awareness.
wormwood:caution:poisonous.If burned,use in well-ventilated area,preferably outdoors,evocation,divination,and scrying(stronger when combined with mugwort) at Samhain,protection,sacred to the moon.
yarrow:divination,love,happy marriage(a wedding bouquet),wards negativity,defense,protection,gather a Litha.
yew:caution:poisonous.Yule symbol of death and rebirth,used for dagger handles.1
 Herbalism:The practice of cultivating,gathering and using plants for medicinal,cosmetic,ritual and culinary purposes.The practice of directing energies found within plants to create needed change.A branch of magic.Practitioners utilize personal power as well as other forms of energy,such as colors,candles,stones,sounds,gestures and movements.
 Herbal Fuel:Ramar Pillal,from Tamil Nadu in India,claims he has an herb that can turn water into virtually pollution-free diesel fuel or kerosene for about 23 cents a gallon.Pillai has managed to convince a few zealous followers that he is the new Isaac Newton,but skeptics believe he has been exposed as a fake.In one demonstration of his magic herb,it was alleged that his stirring stick was hollowed out and filled with gasoline.When his mixture was heated up, a wax plug at the end of the stick melted,allowing gasoline to flow into the mixture.
 Pillai,a high school dropout from a village near Rajapalayam,has intrigued scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology by his claims and demonstrations.He says he doesn't want a lot of money,that he wants only a processing plant built near his home village and some protection for his family.He claims he was kidnapped and tortured for several days for refusing to tell his tormentors how he turns water and herbs into fuel.Pillai says his abductors suspended him for a ceiling fan and burned his with cigarettes. To produce his fuel,Pillai boils water and cooks leaves and bark from his special plant for about 10 minutes.After adding a little salt,citric acid,and traces of a few unknown chemicals,the mixture is cooled and stirred.Once allowed to settle,the liquid fuel,which is lighter than water,floats to the top and is separated by filtering.The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.
 According to the Department of Science and Technology at IIT,laboratory tests have conclusively shown that the herbal fuel is a pure hydrocarbon similar to kerosene and diesel fuel.Engineers at IIT in Madras conducted static tests in two-stroke engines and concluded that the herbal fuel offered better fuel economy than petrol.The fuel "will have good potential in a four-stroke petrol as well as diesel engines," according to the engineers in Madras.
 If he is not using trickery,how is Pillai doing it?One theory,offered by Ratna Choudhury of IIT,is that atmospheric carbon dioxide is sucked in during the reaction.The carbon dioxide combines with hydrogen liberated from water and forms the hydrocarbon fuel.She admitted,however,that she was just guessing.The Times of India has a different theory.In published a report that claimed that the entire exercise of promoting Mr.Pillai was to legitimize the sale of stolen petrol and diesel from tankers of Indian oil companies in Rajapalayam.He has no magic powers and no magic herb,but plenty of followers and even a few scientists willing to try to explain what has never happened.2

 1: see p.51~56.Chapter 3.Witches and Herbs.under title "Herbs and Their Qualities",from Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft by Aoumiel, Ann Moura,Edition: illustrated,Published by Llewellyn Worldwide, 1996,ISBN 1567186904, 9781567186901.
 2: see p.159.The skeptic's dictionary: a collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions,By Robert Todd Carroll,Published by John Wiley and Sons, 2003.ISBN 0471272426, 9780471272427

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