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Witchcraft Glossary Witchcraft Glossary give discussions to myth and ritual,alchemistry and other relatives,witchcraft and witchery!Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. Historically, it was widely believed that witchcraft involved the use of these powers to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property.

 Since the mid 20th century, the term witchcraft has sometimes been used to distinguish between bad witchcraft and good witchcraft, with the latter often involving healing. The concept of witchcraft as harmful is normally treated as a cultural ideology, a means of explaining human misfortune by blaming it either on a supernatural entity or a known person in the community. A witch (from Old English wicce f. / wicca m.) is a practitioner of witchcraft.

 The "witch-cult hypothesis", a controversial theory that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a branch of neopaganism, especially in the Wicca tradition following Gerald Gardner, who claimed a religious tradition of Witchcraft with pre-Christian roots.

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 Friday:Friday:Planetary influence:Venus
 Cast for:Love,luxury,pleasure,entertainment.
 Candle/charm bag colors:Pink and aqua green
 Common herbs associated with Venus:Catnip,elder,feverfew,foxglove,iris,orris root,periwinkle,tansy,thyme,valerian,vervain,violet.0
 First Quarter:
 First Quarter - One-half of the Moon appears to be illuminated by direct sunlight. The fraction of the Moon's disk that is illuminated is increasing.
 Full Moon:
 The Moon's illuminated side is facing the Earth. The Moon appears to be completely illuminated by direct sunlight.
 The full moon rises in the east,just at sunset.The full moon phase is technically the day before the full moon,the day of the full moon,and the day after.This is an incredibly powerful time,so when you need to pull out all the stops,work your herb magic during the full moon.The full moon is an all-purpose lunar phase,as we'll discuss in the later theme chapters.
 Flower Fascination:"Fascination" is the art of directing another's consciousness or will toward you;to command or bewitch.Flower fascinations are elementary flower spells and floral charms used for various magical purposes.
 Fabric and Ribbon:You will want to have fabric and ribbon in various colors on hand for herbal sachets and charm bags.Also try working with those sheer-organza favor bags that have become so popular for bridal favors.They have a drawstring top,and the herbs are visible through the sheer and shimmery fabric.Refer to the previous candle color list to link the fabric color for your charm bag to the theme of your spell.Organza bags may be reused when you have finished with the sachet.Just return the contents to nature,and wash out the bag by hand.Allow the bag to air-dry,and it will be good to go for the next spell.
 Ferns:Ferns,especially MALE FERN(Lucky Hand,Dryopteris filixmas),MAIDENHAIR(Adiantum pedatum,native to North America and Asia),BRACKEN(Pteridium acquilinum),LADY FERN AND POLYPODY(Oak Fern,both native to the United States and both Polypodium vulgare).The Druids classed ferns as sacred trees.Uncurled fronds of Male Fern were gathered at Midsummer,dried and carried for good luck.All ferns are powerful protective plants.Burned indoors,they produce a very strong wall of protection.Burned outdoors,they produce rain.Planted near the door it gives protection.when burned outside,it causes rain.
 Feverfew:Feverfew(Chrysanthemum parthenium).Also known as Featherfoil,Flirtwort.Travelers carried it as ward against sickness or accident during their journeys.
 Silver Fir:Silver Fir(Abies alba).Also known as Birth Tree.A Druid sacred tree.The needles are burned at childbirth to bless and protect the mother and baby.To bless and protect a mother and new baby,a flaming fir candle was carried three times around the bed in northern Europe.
 Foxglove:Foxglove(Digitalis purpurea).POISONOUS!Also known as Fairy Gloves,Fairy Fingers,Dead Men's Bells.A Druid sacred herb assocciated with fairies and the "little people."
 FURZE(Ulex europaeus):Also known as Gorse,Whin.A Druid sacred tree.Its golden flowers are associated with the Spring Equinox.Wood and blooms are burned for protection and preparation for conflict of any sort.2

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