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Witchcraft Glossary Witchcraft Glossary give discussions to myth and ritual,alchemistry and other relatives,witchcraft and witchery!Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. Historically, it was widely believed that witchcraft involved the use of these powers to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property.

 Since the mid 20th century, the term witchcraft has sometimes been used to distinguish between bad witchcraft and good witchcraft, with the latter often involving healing. The concept of witchcraft as harmful is normally treated as a cultural ideology, a means of explaining human misfortune by blaming it either on a supernatural entity or a known person in the community. A witch (from Old English wicce f. / wicca m.) is a practitioner of witchcraft.

 The "witch-cult hypothesis", a controversial theory that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a branch of neopaganism, especially in the Wicca tradition following Gerald Gardner, who claimed a religious tradition of Witchcraft with pre-Christian roots.

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 Lunar Phase:Lunar phase,or lunar cycles,could be divided into five categories:New Moon,First Quarter,Waxing Moon,Waxing Gibbous,Waxing Crescent,Full Moon,Waning Moon,Last Quarter,Waning Gibbous,Waning Crescent,and the Dark of the Moon.Each of these phase has its special magical applications,once you have the essentials down,you can use these lunar associations alone or in combination with the daily correspondences for an unbeatable combination.1
 Last Quarter:

 One-half of the Moon appears to be illuminated by direct sunlight. The fraction of the Moon's disk that is illuminated is decreasing.
 Laurel:Laurel(Laurus nobilis).Also known as Bay Laurel,Sweet Bay.Its leaves were burned by the priestesses of the Triple Goddesses to induce psychic visions.Placing the leaves under your pillow will also give inspiration and visions.Laurel counteracts negativity and restriction.

  Laurel,tree of inspiration and poetic frenzy.Priestesses would chew on the laurel leaves to induce trance and psychedelic states for ritual.Daphne,when chased by Apollo,was changed to a laurel tree to protect her virginity,making laurel a maiden herb.Later,male heroes were crowned with laurel to give them honor.5
 Lily of The Valley:Lily of the valley(convallaria majalis).POISONOUS!Also known as May Bells.A liquid made by soaking the flowers in spring water can be sprinkled around the ritual area to draw peace and knowledge.POISONOUS if eaten.Also known as May Lily,May Bells.It was believed that it sprang from dragon blood.The oil or distilled water from the flowers is said to strengthen the memory when applied to the third eye in the center of your forehead.3
 Purple Loosestrife:Purple Loosestrife(Lythrum salicaria).Placed in the corners of each room,this herb restores harmony and brings peace.2
 Loosestrife,Purple(Lythrum salicaria).Also known as Willow-herb,Rainbow Weed.Burned in incenses or sprinkled about the house,it dissolves arguments.4

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