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Witchcraft Glossary Witchcraft Glossary give discussions to myth and ritual,alchemistry and other relatives,witchcraft and witchery!Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. Historically, it was widely believed that witchcraft involved the use of these powers to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property.

 Since the mid 20th century, the term witchcraft has sometimes been used to distinguish between bad witchcraft and good witchcraft, with the latter often involving healing. The concept of witchcraft as harmful is normally treated as a cultural ideology, a means of explaining human misfortune by blaming it either on a supernatural entity or a known person in the community. A witch (from Old English wicce f. / wicca m.) is a practitioner of witchcraft.

 The "witch-cult hypothesis", a controversial theory that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a branch of neopaganism, especially in the Wicca tradition following Gerald Gardner, who claimed a religious tradition of Witchcraft with pre-Christian roots.

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 Rose:Roses(Rosa) are also associated with the planet Venus and the element of water.This flower is sacred to some of our more popular love goddess,such as Aphrodite,Venus,and Freya.These gorgeous flowers come in dozens of colors and forms,and the different colors of roses all have different magical meanings.Roses have been cultivated for thousands of years.The Apothecary's rose,one of the oldest varieties of garden roses,was widely grown in medieval times for its medicinal properties.Once upon a time,roses were highly valued for their medicinal properties(the hips are high in vitamin C),and utilized for culinary purposes as well as for their fragrance.
  Rose buds and petals are classic ingredients in love spells,plus the plants attract the faeries when grown in your garden.Magically,you can add rose petals to spells when you want to "speed things up."Also,the fruits of the rose (the hips) may be strung togethor onto a thin red ribbon or string with a large,sharp needle.These herbal "beads" are then worn to attract love and companionship.Plus,those dried rose hips are great to add to healing and happiness spells and to put into charm bags that will help make the recipient feel loved and cared for.The rose has the enchanting ability to teach you how to enjoy giving of yourself,your time and talents,to help others.This flower symbolized the greatest characteristics of the Goddess:the capacity to love and nurture,and to see beauty in everything.
  You can use the following list of rose colors and their magical meanings as a quick reference guide when designing your own herbal spells.You can work with a fresh rose in a vase of water,or you can gently strip the petals and add them to charm bags and sachets.Those fragrant petals are also lovely sprinkled across your altar,or you can use them to cast a physical circle on the ground.Remember,if you can't grow roses at home,you can always pop into a floral shp and pick up a stem or two.
 Rose Colors and Magic:Burgundy:Symbolizes a deeper,darker,more tempestuous love.
 Celadon Green:Symbolizes prosperity,fertility,and good luck;celadon is a pale to very pale green,a very chic color for roses these days.
 Coral:Charm and affection.
 Hot Pink:Announces passion,daring,and verve.
 Ivory:Romance and steadfast,mature love.
 Orange:Vitality,passion,and energy.
 Pale Pink:Pastel-pink roses symbolize romance and a dreamy first love;use this color to invoke a warm,fuzzy feeling.
 Purple:Power,passion,and the enchantment of the faeries.
 Red:True love,lust,and romance.
 Red and White:Creativity,unity,and solidarity.
 Yellow:Joy and happiness,communication,and the power of the sun.
 White:Peace,love,moon magic,new beginning.
 Rosemary:There's rosemary and rue;these keep Seeming and savor all the winter long.Grace and remembrance be to you.
 Shakespeare,A Winter's Tale
 Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis) is classified as a tender perennial,and has the planetary association of the Sun and the elemental correspondence of the fire.Rosemary grows in the spring as a small,dense evergreen shrub with soft needlelike leaves and tiny blue flowers.This fragrant herb is a fabulous fresh ingredient for cooking---especially with soups,vegetables,venison,pork,and poultry.Rosemary comes in many enchanting varieties,but keep in mind that it will not survive harsh,cold winters.
  If a rosemary plant has winter protection,it might have a chance.I have a huge rosemary plant in an unprotected area of my herb garden that, to my amazement,has managed to survive three midwestern winters so far. I mulch around the base with fallen leaves and leave it alone. I always wonder if it will survive the next year's snow and ice.This will be year four,and only time will tell. Rosemary is one of my favorite Witch herbs,and has a wonderful piny fragrance.Rosemary was a favored herb of the ancient Greeks and Romans.Because of its coastal growth habitat,it picked up the folk name "dew of the sea." It's rumored that the Greeks wore garlands of rosemary around their heads to help improve their memory.Also,since this herb symbolized remembrance,it was often incorporated into the flowers and herbs used at funerals. In the old days,rosemary was popularly utilized as a decoration in weddings.The bride wove fresh sprigs into her chaplet,or tucked the green stems into her bouquet.The groom also wore a sprig of rosemary,in sort of an early version of the boutonniere.Also,it was traditional to hand out sprigs of the herb to the wedding guests.Herbal folklore tells us to tie the stems of these herbal wedding favors with a golden ribbon.
 A modern option would be to place small potted plants of rosemary on the reception tables.Tie on a gold bow for decoration,and leave a note telling your guest the folklore of the herb and that they should take a plant home with them.This way,all who attended the wedding will be blessed with the vitality of this herb of the sun,and will be granted sweet memories of the couple's special day.
 Rosemary is a Mother herb,giving protection,purification and love.This is one of the most powerful herbs,always found in a witch's garden,growing beside her door. special day.
 "...for all the trees of divine power rosemary is the most potent in driving way evil,and few gardens were planted without it.Upon the journey to Egypt Mary threw her blue cloak over a rosemary bush,turning the white flowers to the blue of her mantle,and when she returned to Nazareth she would spread her Son's little garments to dry on a rosemary bush after she had washed them.Rosemary,Dew of the Sea,freshest and sweetest-smelling plant in the world,is steeped in the mercy of Christ.Froniga's tree stood just under six feet high and had not grown at all since she had lived here,which proved that at her coming it had passed the age of thirty-three years,for rosemary never grows after the age when Christ died and never passes the height of Christ while He was a man on earth...She greeted her tree and curtsied to it.That is was a living personality she was convinced."----from The White Witch by elizabeth Goudge.
 Spells suitable for using rosemary and associated with the Mother Goddess are abundance,fertility,support,healing,nurturance and beauty.Womb-related spells are appropriate,such as to ease blood flow or encourage pregnancy.Rosemary has medicinal powers as well,and can be used as a tea for coughs and colds.However,she is extremely potent and can be deadly in overlarge amounts.A crown of rosemary can aid the memory.Hung over the door,she will keep thieves away.Her tiny,delicate blue flowers are great for beauty and love spells of all kinds.A few sprigs in any bouquet or sachet lend beauty and cheer for all occasions.3
 Rosemary Spell for a Wedding Day to Remember:If you'd like try this herbal blessing for your wedding reception,gather all your pots of rosemary togethor before placing them on the tables.Hold your hands over the plants,and quietly repeat this charm three times:
 The charming rosemary has a fragrant bouquet.
 Bring joy and sweet memories to our special day.
 Rowan:Rowan(Sorbus aucuparia,Fraxinus aucuparia).Also known as Mountain Ash,Witchwood,Sorb Apple.A Druid sacred tree and sacred to the goddess Brigit.It is a very magical tree used for wands,rods,amulets and spells.Its berries are especially magical,but the seeds are POISONOUS!A forked rowan branch can help find water.Wands are for knowledge,locating metal and general divination.Fires made of rowan wood serve to summon spirits,especially when facing conflicts.
 Rue:Rue(Ruta graveolens).Also known as Herb of Grace.Ancient Celts considered rue an antimagical herb,that is a defense against spells and dark magic.A fresh sprig can be used to sprinkle sacred water for consecration,blessings,and healings.Burned in exorcism or purification incenses,it routs negativity and gets things moving.
 Razryu-trava:Razryv-trava,lit.'split-open herb',the German Springwurzel,hence probably the alternative names of Prygun,Skakun,Spryg-trava 'Jumper'.Its name is explained both by the supposed manner of its flowering and by its reputed powers,the latter being no doubt the sympathetic extension of the former.This was allegedly a very rare herb known only to magicians.It could shatter metals (it was allegedly known as gremuchaia trava('exploding herb') and zhelezniak ('iron [herb]'),break bonds,open locks,and prevent a smith from working if thrown into his smithy.It is perhaps saxifrage or Impatiens or Noli tangere according to Dal',Obviously associated with the razryv-trava are the kliuch-trava(lit.'key-herb'),probably a variant in popular belief of the preceding but identified by Dal'(s.n.kliuch) as Botrychium lunaria,and the zhivaia trava(lit.'live herb'),which may be confused with the preceding two,is known in folk tales and could be sought out with the aid of a snake,hedgehog,black woodpecker(zhelna) or remez (a kind of tomtit)--all these herbs were,of course,prized by thieves. Dal',Tolkovyi slovar',s.n.spryg-trava,mentions that there had recently(in 1882) been a court case in which a soldier confidence-trickster had raised money for a treasure hunt by showing people some seventeenth-century thalers which he said he had found with the help of this magic herb.One modern popular book on Russian nature beliefs states that,according to tradition,the razryv trava is revealed only to those who already have the fern flower and the plakun.)2

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