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Witchcraft Glossary Witchcraft Glossary give discussions to myth and ritual,alchemistry and other relatives,witchcraft and witchery!Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. Historically, it was widely believed that witchcraft involved the use of these powers to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property.

 Since the mid 20th century, the term witchcraft has sometimes been used to distinguish between bad witchcraft and good witchcraft, with the latter often involving healing. The concept of witchcraft as harmful is normally treated as a cultural ideology, a means of explaining human misfortune by blaming it either on a supernatural entity or a known person in the community. A witch (from Old English wicce f. / wicca m.) is a practitioner of witchcraft.

 The "witch-cult hypothesis", a controversial theory that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a branch of neopaganism, especially in the Wicca tradition following Gerald Gardner, who claimed a religious tradition of Witchcraft with pre-Christian roots.

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 Sequence:the clear beginning and end of every spell,charm,ritual or act of magic.
 Sacred Space:Establishing sacred space when work your magic is excellent,choose a clean,happy,and pleasant environment to cast your spells,call on the God and Goddess to assist you,this working area not need have to be fancy or elaborate,keep things natural and simple.
 Supplies:supplies employed in all spellcraft and magic,for herb magic,it covered colored candles,swatches of fabric,colored ribbons,and other props,with which these complementary items will enhance and personalize your herb magic.
 Saturday:Saturday:Planetary influence:Saturn
 Cast for:Protection,banishing,bindings
 Candle/charm bag colors:Black or deep purple.
 Common herbs associated with Saturn:comfrey,elm,ivy,mimosa,morning glory,mullein,pansy,patchouli,poplar,quince,yew.1
 Sunday:Sunday:Planetary influence:The Sun
 Cast for:Success,realizing your goals,building confidence,wealth,fame.
 Candle/charm bag colors:Yellow and gold.
 Common herb associated with the Sun:Ash tree,bay,cinnamon,heliotrope,juniper,orange peel,St.John's wort,witch hazel.2
 Selene:Selene,also called Luna in the Roman pantheon,is the Mother aspect and goddess of the full moon.This divine enchantress is invoked for any type of affirmative magic,as she is extremely fond og magic users and Witches in general.Selene is known for her quick,subtle,and common sense magical assistance.She is associated with these lunar herbs:a white fully open rose,bluebells,and honesty.The botanical name for honesty is Lunaria,another nifty name tie-in.Selene is also associated with the night-blooming jasmine vine and the moonflower vine.Please note that the moonflower vine,while a lovely night-blooming plant,is mildly toxic and should be kept out of reach of children.
 Simple:A simple is a basic element;a charm or spell that features only one ingredient,such as an enchanted herb.
 Simpling:The art of simpling consists of working with one select magical herb or flower.These spells and charms are quick and,well,simple.
 Strewing Herbs:In medieval times,folks used to toss rushed and sweet smelling herbs on the floors of their homes.this disguised bad smells and helped keep fleas and insects at bay.Some popular strewing herbs were meadowsweet,basil,lavender,and fennel.These aromatic herbs were "strewn" on the floor and thus came to be known as strewing herbs.
 Sachet:A small cloth bag filled with aromatic herbs and spices.
 Sickle:A sickle is a small hand-held knife with a blade shaped like a curving crescent.The shape of the blade mimics the moon and makes it a sacred tool for gathering herbs.If you have small hands,a sickle may be diffifult to work with,so take your time and find a blade that feels comfortable to you.
 Scissors:I have a sickle,but I prefer to use scissors.My gardens are large,and the chances of being outdoors during the day without a neighbor popping over to day hello are slim.It's hard to be discreet with a sickle,especially since mine has purple cords and heads hanging from it,so my garden scissors work out well.
 Spicy Candle Spell:This spell is intended for couples who have a dedicated relationship.It isn't for a one-night stand sort of deal.You may customize it by adding photo of your wedding or happy photo of the two.Other include writing your and your partner's name on a small piece of paper that you can slip under the candle holder.You should keep this spell affectionate,and get your partner's permission before you go and put an herbal passion whammy on him or her.Casting magic on another without permission is manipulation.Processing this can be on a Friday,Venus's day,or even a Tuesday,for passion and extra energy.Accordinating lunar phase would be during the waxing moon.Casting a romance spell during a waxing moon will pull things toward you.As the moon increases,so does the loving energy of the magic.
 Then set up your work space as you desire,then sprinkle a pinch of red pepper flakes onto an unlit small red candle(any style you prefer-taper,mini spell candle,or votive)or in the bottom of the cup of a white tealight candle.Put the tealight back in its cup,or slip the red candle in a holder.Wash and dry your hands.Then light the candle and repeat this charm three times:
 Flames of lover burn,with spicy red pepper,
 Boost desire and bring us togethor.
 Now bring some passion back between us two,
 An enchanted evening for me and you.
 By all the powers of the moon and sun,
 For the good of all,bringing harm to none.

 Allow the candle to burn in a safe place until it is consumed.3
 Scented Strawberry Spell:For this subtle herbal spell,need to incorporate a touch of magical aromatherapy.This spell comes in handy for those times when you've had a spat with your love.We all have really silly arguments and bicker with each other from time to time.So,if you need to clear the air and get rid of any hard feelings still hanging around,this is just the ticket.
 Take a look around and see if you can find a red,strawberry-scented votive candle and strawberry-scented incense.You will also need some fresh strawberries,so pop into the grocery store and purchase a small container.If you have access to wild strawberry foliage grwoing in your yard,you may add this to the spell.
 Note:If you are allergic to strawberries,try using fresh raspberries or blackberries instead.
 A Friday would be wonderful for this herb magic.It is the day associated with goddess Freya.Strawberries are sacred to Freya,and this is the day of the week that takes its name from this Norse goddess of love---Freya's Day.Work this spell during the waning moon,if possible.(See,not every spell in this chapter calls for a waxing moon.)We need to work in a waning moon this time because we want to send the sour feelings on their way and to decrease those hurt feelings.As the moon gets smaller in the sky,so will those hurt feelings diminish.
 Set the vovite candle in a candle cup,or set the incense in its holder.Arrange the fruit and the foliage (if you choose to use it) in a circle around the candle or incense.Be sure to keep the foliage well away from any open flame.Now light the candle/incense and wait a few moments until the scent begins to waft around the moon.While you are waiting for the scent to be released,take a moment to see if you can come up with a few apologies or,conversely,a few ways to accept an apology graciously.
 Freya,goddess of love,hear my plea,
 Help end the tiff between my love and me.
 By color and scent,this berry spell begins.
 With love and affection this charm will spin.

 Choose one berry and taste it.Feel the sweet and tart taste explode in your mouth.Remember that every relationship requires hard work,and does have its ups and downs.Life is not a romance novel,so don't hand on to anger over trivial things.The world's not going to end because you had a spat.Take a deep breath,and ground and center,releasing your anger and hurt feelings.Now,finish the berry and close the spell with these lines:
 Freya,I do thank you for your time and care.
 I close this spell by earth,water,flame,and air.

 Sweet Violet:See Violet for more details.
 St.Johnswort:St.Johnswort(Hypericum perforatum).A Druid sacred herb,the Celts passed it through the smoke of the Summer Solstice fire,then wore it in battle for invincibility.It can be burned to banish and exorcise spirits.
 Solomon's Seal:Solomon's Seal(Polygonatum multiflorum,P.odoratum).Also known as Dropberry,Sealroot.This herb can be burned as a thank-you offering to the Elementals for their help.
 Sympathetic magic:Perhaps in no period of history did this phase of Herb Magic become so dominant as in the Middle Ages.Until at least the sixteenth century a curious form of sympathetic magic was generally believed in and practiced.If we are to believe the records of the times,and they certainly are voluminous,many "successes" were achieved.
 Often when love turned to hate,when a suitor or husband or wife was forsaken a Witch was employed "to cast a spell" over the chosen one.Sometimes it was desired to prevent the consummation of a marriage with a rival;sometimes it was an attempt to compel the love and admiration of a particular person. In each case whoever the subject and whatever the nature of the "spell" to be cast---whether for evil or good,there were other witches to cast spells to counter-act the alleged spell under which one was supposed to be laboring.
 Badin writes that when he was Procurer-General at Poitiers,he had occasion to visit an alleged Witch who told him that she knew of fifty ways of Tying the Love Knot by means of "L'envoutement d'amour" which,translated literally,means "Magical Love Charm".In other words this particular woman perhaps had a considerable knowledge of herbs and their reaction on the human body.Because of this knowledge plus a possible knowledge of fortune telling etc., she gradually came to be known as a Witch who was adept in solving the love problems of those who came to her.4
 Sage:Because of her association with wisdom,I have given sage to the Crone.Sage offers psychic protection as well as healing and prosperity.Native Americans treasure this herb,using it frequently in their "smudging" ceremonies.Smudging is the art of using the smoke of burning herbs as an incense and purifier.Pass sacred objects through the smoke of sage for blessing and consecration.
 Other Crone spells are:transformation,purification,cleansing,banishments,binding,endings,easy passage at death,communication with spirits,mind-alerting,dream teachings and spells for wisdom or understanding.Wear sage in your pouch,sew it into a dream pillow,drink it in a mild tea,scatter her dried leaves on the floor for rituals,burn and use her smoke for incense.Divination is the province of the Crone,so sage can be used for insight in a tarot reading,crystal-scrying,and so on.5

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