Asia Area Logistic Scope!

World Map Icon Asia Area Logistic Scope:Asia,the world’s largest and most populous continent covers around 30% of the earth’s total land area. It covers 44,579,000 sq km. As per the recent estimate the population of Asia comes around 3.88 billion which is 60% of the world’s human population!Our Logistics can be arrange to major Asian continent 46 countries!

 Asia Area Logistic Map

 Asia Area Logistic Scope: 

 Our Logistics can be arrange to major Asian continent countries and area which includes Armenia,Azerbaijan,Afghanistan,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Brunei,Bahrain,China,Cambodia,Georgia,Thailand,Taiwan,Malaysia,Maldives,Nepal,Myanmar,Laos,Lebanon,Pakistan,Philippines,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Israel,India,Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,Sri Lanka,Singapore,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Siberia,Tajikistan,Timor Leste,Turkey,Turkmenistan,Yemen,UAE,Uzbekistan,Russia.

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