Central America Area Logistic Scope!

World Map Icon Central America Area Logistic Scope:Central America, a part of North America, is a tropical isthmus that connects North America to South America. It includes 7 countries and many small offshore islands!Our Logistics can be arrange to all Central America countries!

 Central America Area Logistic Map

 Central America Area Logistic Scope: 

 Our Logistics can be arrange to all Central America countries,including Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas,Barbados,Belize,Costa Rica,Cuba,Dominica,Dominican Republic,El Salvador,Grenada,Trinidad and Tobago,Guatemala,Haiti,Honduras,Jamaica,Nicaragua,Panama,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Lucia,Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

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 3.Central America Area Parcel Centers

 The main Central America Area Parcel Centers of logistic cooperation located at Florida of US,Costa Rica,Guatemala,etc,known as Doral,San Antonio,San José,Guatemala City,etc.like the TNT USA Inc at Doral,TNT Expreso Mundial SA and TNT de Guatemala,they transport parcel and cargo with high efficiency to area of the Central America Area land and island scope,by airline logistics or truck flight logistics for transport between their local express stations and other cooperate stations of signed third party logistics.

 Major Languages of the people:Antigua and Barbuda(English,Antiguan Creole),Bahamas(Bahamian dialect,English),Barbados(English,Bajan),Belize(English,Belizean Creole),Costa Rica(primary language Spanish,Bribri,Maléku,Cabécar and Ngäbere languages,Teribe,Boruca.Second language:10.7% English,0.7% French,0.3% Portuguese or German),Cuba(Haitian Creole,Spanish),Dominica(English,Antillean Creole,French creole),El Salvador(Spanish,Nawat,Maya),Grenada(Grenadian Creole English,Grenadian Creole French),Guatemala(Spanish 93%),Trinidad and Tobago(Trinidad and Tobago Standard English,Trinidadian Creole or Tobagonian Creole,Patois.),Haiti(French and Haitian Creole),Honduras(Spanish,Honduran Sign Language,Garifuna,Bay Islands Creole English,Mískito,Sumu,Pech,Jicaque,Ch’orti’),Jamaica(Jamaican Standard English,Jamaican Patois,or Patwa),Nicaragua(Nicaraguan Spanish,English-based creoles,Miskitu),Panama(Panamanian Spanish,English,Ngäbere),Saint Kitts and Nevis(English,Saint Kitts Creole),Saint Lucia(English,Saint Lucian Creole French,Patwa),Saint Vincent and Grenadines(English,Vincentian Creole).

 Brief information and map location of the Parcel Centers:

Central America Area Parcel Centers Map
Parcel Center NameMap and Location
TNT Expreso Mundial SAParcel Center Map
 Address:111,San Antonio,Costa Rica
TNT Express at San JoseParcel Center Map
 Address:Calle 34,San José,Costa Rica.
TNT de GuatemalaParcel Center Map
 Address:Colonia Nueva Aurora,Guatemala City 01013,Guatemala.
TNT USA Inc(Doral)Parcel Center Map
 Address:2250 NW 84th Ave,Doral,FL 33122,United States,Phone:+1-305-717-3337

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