Middle East Area Logistic Scope!

World Map Icon Middle East Area Logistic Scope:The Middle East (or West Asia) sits where Africa,Asia and Europe meet.The countries of the Middle East are all part of Asia,but for clarity reasons we geographically show them here as a separate landmass!Our Logistics can be arrange to all 20 Middle East countries!

 1.Middle East Area Logistic Map

 2.Middle East Area Logistic Scope: 

 Our Logistics can be arrange to all 20 Middle East countries,majorly area including U.A.E.,Jordan,Bahrain,Kyrgyzstan,Lebanon,Oman,Palestine,Qatar,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan,Kuwait,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Uzbekistan,Yemen.

 The Logistics Policy to below area of Middle East,normally the consignee buyer or agent need has a Chinese culture background,know some TCM,including:Israel,Turkey.

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 3.Middle East Area Parcel Centers

 The main Middle East Area Parcel Centers of logistic cooperation located at Dubai of UAE,Amman of Jordan,Jeddah,Bahrain,etc,they transport parcel and cargo with high efficiency to different nation and area of the Middle East Area land and island scope,by airline logistics or truck flight logistics for transport between their local express stations and other cooperate stations of signed third party logistics.

 Brief information and map location of the main Parcel Centers:

Middle East Area Parcel Centers Map
Parcel Center NameMap and Location
TNT Stations at Middle East AreaParcel Center Map
 Address:TNT Express Main Stations in Middle East Area
TNT Express UAEParcel Center Map
 Address:Business Avenue Bldg,Port Saeed Road,0 Deira,Dubai,Phone:+971 4 295 5519
TNT Express JordanParcel Center Map
 Address:Amman-Jabal 4th Circle,11180 Amman,Phone:+962 6 593 1966
TNT/SAB ExpressParcel Center Map
 Address:P.O. Box 52911,21573 Jeddah,Phone:+966 2 667 8888
TNT Express BahrainParcel Center Map
 Address:1-2 Gate 18, Warehouse 50, Block 224,Aradeus Road,Bahrain,0,Phone:+973 17 349 199
TNT Express KuwaitParcel Center Map
 Address:Plot F-18,Kuwait Free Trade Zone,Shuwaikh Port,0 Kuwait,Phone:+965 461 0888
TNT Express TurkeyParcel Center Map
 Address:Inkilap Mah.Site yolu sk. No: 21,34768 Umraniye-Istanbul,Phone:+90 216 633 80 00
TNT Istanbul Air HubParcel Center Map
 Address:Ataturk Airport-Cargo Terminal,Celebi Warehouse 1,0 Istanbul,Phone:0 212 465 28 09
TNT Express IsraelParcel Center Map
 Address:10 Hatzorfim Street,North Industrial Zone,71520 Lod,Phone:+972 8 914 0222

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