Prunella spike History and Uses:Heal All,All Heal and Self Heal.


Prunella spike History and Uses:Heal All,All Heal and Self Heal.

Selfheal Fruit-spike Prunella Vulgaris Spica Prunellae Prunella spike  Prunella, a powerfully astringent herb, is also known by many names including Heal All, All Heal and Self Heal, and as most of these alternate names imply, this plant was used extensively as a healing herb, particularly when used topically to stanch the bleeding of wounds. In poultice form, it was also used to treat bruises, burns, sprains, cuts and hemorrhoids. Prunella was also used as a mouthwash for sores and gum problems, as well as a gargle for sore throat and thrush. It was also used in a douche for leukorrhea.

 The herb is often useful for treating liver disorders, and it has been prescribed by herbalists in cases of jaundice, hepatitis and general weakness of the liver. Prunella is beneficial for limited internal bleeding and can also be valuable in cases of diarrhea, flatulence and gastritis, as well as the expulsion of intestinal parasites. Prunella is believed to have antibacteria and strong antiviral properties; and in the treatment of Grave's disease, the herb has been effective in combination with Bugleweed.

 Prunella is also high in antioxidants, and it has been made into a tea with Oregano as an immune system booster.Constituents of Prunella include essential oil, Rutin, tannic acid, beta-carotene and vitamins B-1, C and K. The herb has had some success in treating vertigo, hypertension, gout and conjunctivitis. Prunella is truly one of the most versatile, safe and effective of nature's medicinal plants.

Prunella Vulgaris Folklore and History.

 Selfheal Fruit-spike Prunella Vulgaris Spica Prunellae Prunella spikeThe common name "self-heal" derives from the use of some species to treat a range of minor disorders. It is reported to have an antiseptic and antibacterial effect, and to be particularly good in cases of food poisoning. In the Pacific Northwest, its juice was used by the Quinault and the Quileute on boils. They also used the whole plant to treat cuts and inflammations. Some people even fixed it with grease to form an ointment. It is also used as an herbal drink in China to treat minor bodily disorders.

 Prunella Vulgaris was once proclaimed to be a Holy herb and thought to be sent by God to cure all ailments of man or beast, and said to drive away the devil, which lead to the belief that Heal-All was grown in the Witches garden as a disguise.

 The root was used to make a tea to drink in ceremonies before going hunting by one Native American tribe to sharpened the powers of observation.

Prunella Vulgaris Edible Uses.

 Edible Parts: Leaves.
 Edible Uses: Drink.

 Leaves - raw or cooked. They can be used in salads, soups, stews etc. Somewhat bitter due to the presence of tannin in the leaves, though this can be removed by washing the leaves. A cold water infusion of the freshly chopped or dried and powdered leaves is used as a refreshing beverage. Very tasty.

 Selfheal Fruit-spike Prunella Vulgaris Spica Prunellae Prunella spikeSelf-heal is a mint relation, and as with all the other mints, if you plant it once, you never have to plant it again. Incredibly vigorous, the plant spreads by underground stems that shoot out in every direction once the first root is stuck in the ground. If there is anything to the doctrine of signatures, prunella should make anyone who takes it into his or her body stronger than an ox.

 In the southern United States, ground-hog plantain, or square weed as it is called, is collected in the spring as a tonic plant. It is also eaten as a spinach substitute, prepared in a big pot with a piece of hog meat by cooks who follow the traditional southern style or with a little vegetable oil by more modern cooks concerned with the bad publicity animal fats have received in recent years.

 Prunella Vulgaris is an edible and medicinal herb, and can be used in salads, soups, stews, or boiled as a pot herb.Used as an alternative medicine for centuries on just about every continent in the world, and for just about every ailment known to man, Heal-All is something of a panacea, it does seem to have some medicinal uses that are constant.

 An olive-green dye is obtained from the flowers and stems. The plant is a good ground-cover in sunny positions or light shade.The mildly bitter leaves are also good as salad greens.


  • 1.Prunella vulgaris:Selfheal,Prunella spike,Xia Ku Cao,a pungent magical herb,its botanical introduction,history legend,and its uses since ancient till today.

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