Pine nuts and more Aphrodisiac Foods.


Pine nuts and more Aphrodisiac Foods.

Pine Nut Kernel Pinus Strobus Pinus edulis Pine nuts are know for their aphrodisiac properties.

 Some Interesting History:

 Aphrodisiacs were first sought out as a remedy for various sexual anxieties including fears of inadequate performance as well as a need to increase fertility. Procreation was an important moral and religious issue and aphrodisiacs were sought to insure both male and female potency.

 Aphrodisiac food has been a part of human history for thousands of years. From the ancient Aztecs and the grand Roman Empire to our current technologically advanced culture, people have long regarded specific foods as libido enhancers. From Cupid's arrow to Spanish fly, world cultures are infused with the lore,and the lure of ways to stimulate, increase and prolong sexual ardor.

 Despite long-standing literary and popular interest in aphrodisiacs, almost no scientific studies have been conducted on them. Most writings on the subject are little more than unscientific compilations of traditional or folkloric material. Foods are revered as an aphrodisiac for different reasons. Asparagus is considered an aphrodisiac simply for its phallic shape. Pine nuts have been used to stimulate the libido as far back as medieval times. They are rich in zinc, a key mineral for maintaining male potency. While these foods do not contain any chemical agents that affect a direct physiological reaction, one cannot deny the effects of a meal prepared with love. Chocolate and oysters, however, are a whole other story!

 Why Certain Foods?

 In ancient times a distinction was made between a substance that increased fertility versus one that simply increased sex drive. One of the key issues in early times was nutrition. Food was not so readily available as it is today. Undernourishment creates a loss of libido as well as reduces fertility rates. Substances that "by nature" represent "seed or semen" such as bulbs, eggs, snails" were considered inherently to have sexual powers. Other types of foods were considered stimulating by their "physical resemblance to genitalia"

 It's important to realize these food substances were identified (documented) by the likes of Pliny and Dioscordes (ancient Greeks) first century AD and later by Paul of Aegina from the seventh century. Later more credence was given to foods that "satisfied dietary gratification".

 Other foods deemed to have these aphrodisiac qualities were derived from mythology. Aphrodite, the love goddess was said to consider "sparrows" sacred because of their "amorous nature" and for that reason were included in various aphrodisiac brews.

 There was not always agreement upon what foods were actually aphrodisiacs or "anaphrodisiacs" (decrease potency). But the ancient list included Anise, basil, carrot, salvia, gladiolus root, orchid bulbs, pistachio nuts, rocket (arugula), sage, sea fennel, turnips, skink flesh (a type of lizard) and river snails.

 The ancients suggested you steer clear of dill, lentil, lettuce, watercress, rue, and water lily.

 Pine Nuts,Zinc source and libido stimulator from Medieval times:

 Zinc is a key mineral necessary to maintain male potency and pine nuts are rich in zinc. Pine nuts have been used to stimulate the libido as far back as Medieval times.Serve pine nut cookies with a dark espresso for a stimulating dessert.

 Many nuts are rich in zinc, a lack of which is said to cause impotence and infertility in men. Pine nuts especially have been used for centuries to make up love potions.

 The Roman poet Ovid (a vegetarian) in his work 'The Art of Love' selected 'the nuts that the sharp-leafed pine brings forth' as an effective and powerful aphrodisiac.

 Arabian scholars such as Galen recommended one hundred pine nuts, before going to bed. Nuts have also been found to be an effective brain food, due to a substance called boron that increases electrical activity in the brain.

 Pine nuts are rich in zinc, and zinc is great for the male sex drive. Pine nuts have been used as an aphrodisiac as early as Medieval times. Toasted, they are a wonderful salad topping. The ancient Greeks and well as many Middle Eastern cultures used pine nuts as aphrodisiacs.

 More Aphrodisiac Foods and Spice:

 Men have been experimenting with food as a route into women's knickers since the dawn of time. Virtually every culture has its own menu of delicacies designed to induce passion and fertility; from boar gall bladder to rhino horn, and rendered camel hump fat to jackal bile, the chances are if it looks and tastes disgusting, someone will have tried it out on the missus.

 But you can forget all that. There are various classes of aphrodisiacs, and unless you're extremely adventurous (as well as having an understanding butcher) I would advise ignoring one type completely.


 A very popular aphrodisiac with many culinary uses. It has been used as an aphrodisiac since the Greeks and the Romans, who believed aniseed had special powers. Sucking on the seeds is said to increases your desire.

 Also known as anise, the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that you could increase desire by sucking on anise seeds. Aniseed does include estrogenic compounds (female hormones), which have been reported to induce similar effects to testosterone.


 Given it's phallic shape, asparagus is frequently enjoyed as an aphrodisiac food. Feed your lover boiled or steamed spears for a sensuous experience. The Vegetarian Society suggests "eating asparagus for three days for the most powerful affect".

 A classic in the aphrodisiac world. Whether boiled or steamed the asparagus is an effective stimulant. This erotic shaped vegetable is best, cooked and consumed whole. Part of the lily family, asparagus contains plenty of vitamin A and C. Consume over three consecutive days for the most powerful effect.


 A symbol of fertility throughout the ages. The aroma is thought to induce passion in a female. Try serving Marzipan (almond paste) in the shapes of fruits for a special after-dinner treat.

 Associated with passion and fertility, their aroma is alleged to excite women and is therefore a common ingredient in creams and soaps. Almonds are delicious in cakes, biscuits, and pastries.


 Arugula or "rocket" seed has been documented as an aphrodisiac since the first century A.D. This ingredient was added to grated orchid bulbs and parsnips and also combined with pine nuts and pistachios. Arugula greens are frequently used in salads and pasta.

 Arugula has been documented as an aphrodisiac since the first century A.D. Both the ancient Egyptians and Romans believed in the aphrodisiac powers of arugula. It' also a good source of vitamin A (which improves night vision) and can help digestion. Fresh, flavorful arugula makes a perfect bed to lay the rest of your ingredients atop.


 The Aztecs called the avocado tree "Ahuacuatl which translated means "testicle tree". The ancients thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male's testicles. This is a delicious fruit with a sensuous texture. Serve in slices with a small amount of Balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper.

 To the Aztecs this fruit was known as ahucatl, which means 'testicle', but it was left to the Spanish to spread the news of the avocado's stimulating powers. In the confessional Catholic priests forbade it to their parishioners.


 The banana flower has a marvelous phallic shape and is partially responsible for popularity of the banana as an aphrodisiac food. An Islamic myth tells the tale that after Adam and Eve succumbed to the "Apple" they started covering their "nudity" with banana leaves rather than fig. From a more practical standpoint bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessities for sex hormone production.

 As well as an erotic shape the banana has also been associated with erotic energy in the Tantric tradition. Legend has it that the serpent that tempted Eve hid in a bunch of bananas. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins believed to help manufacture sex hormones.

 Basil (sweet basil):

 Is said to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. It is also said to produce a general sense of well being for body and mind.

 For centuries, people said that basil stimulated the sex drive and boosted fertility as well as producing a general sense of well being. The scent of basil was said to drive men wild -- so much so that women would dust their breasts with dried and powdered basil. Basil is one of the many reported aphrodisiacs that may have the property of promoting circulation.

 Basil is known to bring about feelings of well-being. It' also recognized to stimulate sex drive and help fertility. In Haitian lore it is thought to bring about sensuality and has been used in many a Voodoo love ceremony.

 Black Pepper:

 Black Pepper is associated with courage and is an acknowledged as an aphrodisiac. The fruits are used as: a carminative, an aphrodisiac, a diuretic, a digestive and a stimulant. Black Pepper' distinctive scent (which may make you sneeze in too high a dose) comes from the volatile oil found in the flesh and skin of the pepper corn.

 Black Olives:

 Black Olives are used in so many aphrodisiac recipes. They are spicier than green olives and look beautiful in foods.


 Cardamom is an aromatic spice. Certain cultures deem it a powerful aphrodisiac and also claim it is beneficial in treating impotence. It is high in cineole, which can increase blood flow in areas where it is applied.


 The Aztecs referred to chocolate "nourishment of the Gods". Chocolate contains chemicals thought to effect neurotransmitters in the brain and a related substance to caffeine called theobromine. Chocolate contains more antioxidant (cancer preventing enzymes) than does red wine. The secret for passion is to combine the two. Try a glass of Cabernet with a bit of dark chocolate for a sensuous treat or let us temp you with our recipe for Chocolate Espresso Pots de creme.


 Chickpeas contain a wealth of nutrients (including thiamin, niacin, iron and more) in a convenient little package. In the 6th century, chickpeas were considered an aphrodisiac. Interestingly, lentils were thought to have the reverse outcome (Which is probably why lentils were consumed in monasteries). It was said that that the Egyptians were forbidden to eat chick peas in order to teach them to appreciate abstention. Pop a chick pea in your lover' mouth and see what happens.

 Chilli (the hot pepper):

 Powerful taste followed by a powerful aftermath! The chilli is fiery in more ways than one, watch out, the red ones are even more potent than the green. Chilli power helps stimulate the circulation and contains capsaicin, a substance known to induce a temporary high - be careful not to become addicted. Chilli is also a great source of vitamin C.

 Eating chili peppers generates physiological responses in our bodies (e.g., sweating, increased heart rate and circulation) that are similar to those experienced when having sex. The capsaicin they contain is responsible for the effects and is also a good pain reliever. Another reported effect of eating large quantities of chili peppers is an irritation of the genitals and urinary tract that could feel similar to sexual excitement.


 The humble celery has been used to treat a number of ailments including high blood pressure and has been found to contain a number of anti-cancer compounds. Its stimulating effects are well known in Sweden where the famous Swedish author Hagdahl described celery as 'straight forward arousing'. Crushed celery seeds are particularly potent and can be used in breads or for salad dressing. The Romans dedicated celery to Pluto their 'god of sex'.


 Another good reason to eat carrots--believed to be a stimulant to the male. The phallus shaped carrot has been associated with stimulation since ancient times and was used by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. High vitamins and beta-carotene. Perhaps a justification for a piece of carrot cake?

 This root vegetable was used extensively by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. The carrot is said to be particularly effect aphrodisiac for men. Originally from Afghanistan carrots are a great medicine and have been shown to be anti-cancerous, artery protecting and a great source of beta- carotene.


 Caffeine is a well-know stimulant but remember, too much and it becomes a depressant. Serve small amounts of rich dark coffee in special little demitasse cups. Coffee stimulates both the body and the mind so partake of a little in preparation for an "all-nighter".

 Coriander (Cilantro seed):

 The book of The Arabian nights tells a tale of a merchant who had been childless for 40 years and but was cured by a concoction that included coriander. That book is over 1000 years old so the history of coriander as an aphrodisiac dates back far into history. Cilantro was also know to be used as an "appetite" stimulant.


 An open fig is thought to emulate the female sex organs and traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant. A man breaking open a fig and eating it in front of his lover is a powerful erotic act. Serve fresh Black Mission figs in a cool bowl of water as it is done in Italy and be sure to eat with your fingers!

 This erotic, fleshy fruit is said to act as a powerful sexual stimulant. Originally from Syria, it is one of the oldest known plants. Ritual copulation followed the arrival of the new fig crop in Ancient Greece and it is said to have been Cleopatra's favourite fruit. For the ancient Greeks the fig was one of the sacred foods associated with fertility and love. In some Southern European countries wedding guests throw figs (instead of rice) at the newly weds, as a sign of fertility.


 The 'heat' in garlic is said to stir sexual desires. Make sure you and your partner share it together. Garlic has been used for centuries to cure everything from the common cold to heart ailments. This is a good time for moderation. Enjoy a pasta with a lightly garlicky sauce and it and lead up to something spicy in the bedroom later.


 Ginger root raw, cooked or crystallized is a stimulant to the circulatory system. Perhaps a stir-fry with freshly grated ginger can stir something spicy up in the bedroom later.


 Many medicines in Egyptian times were based on honey including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink made from honey. Lovers on their "Honeymoon" drank mead and it was thought to s "sweeten" the marriage.

 Known as an aphrodisiac extraordinnaire as far back as the 5th century B.C., even Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor. Wedding traditions in some cultures include the offering of honey to a bridegroom and even the term "honeymoon" stems from an ancient tradition of couples going into seclusion and drinking a honey concoction until the first new moon of their marriage. Many medicines in Egyptian times were based on honey including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink made from honey. Lovers on their "Honeymoon" drank mead and it was thought to s "sweeten" the marriage.

 Lavender: A great herb to use for this. You can even slip a sachet into a decorative pillow. Make sure it has a zipper.

 Liquorice (licorice):

 The Chinese have used licorice for medicinal purposes since ancient times. The essence of the Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) plan, glycrrhizin, is 50 time sweeter than sugar. Chewing on bits of licorice root is said to enhance love and lust. It is particularly stimulating to woman.


 Believed to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire. Prepare a tenderloin roast (filet mignon) for two with a mustard and peppercorn sauce.

 Because of the sexual nature of seeds, they are all symbols of sexuality, thus are, or were at one time, considered aphrodisiacs. The ancient Chinese, in particular, believed in aphrodisiac power of mustard seeds.

 Mustard is popular in salad dressings (think honey Dijon), however not many people utilize the seeds (from where mustard comes) in salads. The seeds add a pungent mustard tang as well as a sensuous quality to salads. The seeds feel nice on the tongue and are fun to bite into. Mustard seeds are said to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire.


 Nutmeg was highly prized by Chinese women as an aphrodisiac. In quantity nutmeg can produce a hallucinogenic effect. A light sprinkling of the spice in a warm pumpkin soup can help spice up your evening.

 In ancient China, women prized nutmeg an aphrodisiac, and researchers have found it to increase mating behaviors in mice. There is no evidence to prove the same happens in humans. In quantity, nutmeg can produce a hallucinogenic effect.


 Oysters were documented as a aphrodisiac food by the Romans in the second century A.D as mentioned in a satire by Juvenal. He described the wanton ways of women after ingesting wine and eating "giant oysters". An additional hypotheses is that the oyster resembles the "female" genitals. In reality oysters are a very nutritious and high in protein.

 Romans documented oysters as aphrodisiacs in the second century A.D. They are known to be high in zinc, which has been associated with improving sexual potency in men. (An additional hypothesis is that the oyster resembles the female genitals.) Recently, mussels, clams and oysters have been found to contain D-aspartic acid and NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) compounds may be effective in releasing sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Scientists have not determined whether there are enough of those compounds in the shellfish to make any difference.

 Oysters, particularly raw ones, are also a well-known, potent aphrodisiac. Their status as a sexual stimulant originated when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love for whom aphrodisiacs are named, gave birth to Eros on an oyster shell. The oyster's reputation for enhancing sexual prowess continued during the reign of the Roman Empire through 17th-century Netherlands where they were regarded as the epitome of an aphrodisiac, and are still believed to be a sexual aide today. The illustrious lover, Casanova, is said to have eaten 50 raw oysters in the bath every morning with his current lover to jumpstart his day. So, do oysters actually live up to their reputation? Some evidence indicates they may actually work. They contain zinc and high levels of protein, both of which increase male fertility.

 Aphrodisiac lore also holds that legendary lover Casanova ate fifty raw oysters every morning with his lady du jour. In reality, oysters are high in protein and loaded with zinc, which is known to increase the sexual health of both men and women. He described the wanton ways of women after ingesting wine and eating "giant oysters". An additional hypothesis is that the oyster resembles the "female" genitals. In reality oysters are a very nutritious and high in protein.

 Roman Emperors bartered them, weight by weight, for gold. Montreal's Ilene Polansky serves them in a shooter, a love potion - floating in cocktail sauce, fresh horseradish and vodka. And today, as in the Netherlands' `Golden 17th Century', they are the incarnation and king of aphrodisiacs. Blessed are the oysters. Ever since Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell as if on a flying carpet, love-starved individuals down the centuries have considered oysters as their magic carpet to sexual prowess and eternal love.

 Oysters, however, are only the forefathers of aphrodisiacs: with the globalization of cookery and the exploration of once-obscure communities, more and more local aphrodisiac ingredients are emerging, some originating from unremarkable plants and animals. A search in, the Internet's largest bookshop, yielded 41 books on sale containing aphrodisiac recipes.

 The list of aphrodisiac ingredients reads like the list of trophies amassed by a hunter and explorer. Leeks. Black ants. Asparagus. Lizards. Celery. Leeches. Tiger parts. Pine nuts. King eiders in Greenland. Truffles. Whales' "ambergris." Snake blood. Radishes. Hemp seed.

 Most aphrodisiac foods fall into two broad categories. The first category is based along the belief of traditional societies' "law of similarity." Think of the Rhino horn or deers' antlers or animal genitalia in general - all considered aphrodisiac because they look like aroused human genitalia, especially men's. The second category encompasses those foods that nourish our sexually-obsessed imagination: hot and spicy foods, including pepper and ginger and garlic and nutmeg and saffron and cardamom, because they trigger a physiological response akin to sexual arousal, panting, flushing, eyes watering. This is nothing but wishful-thinking, as sexual as the sexual fire of people at the gym, heaving, groaning, gasping, wiggling their wobbly body parts.

 So like Aphrodite herself aphrodisiac foods are superstition and legend. No scientific proof backs the proclaimed aphrodisiac properties.

 John Renner, founder of the US Consumer Health Information Research Institute, says: "The mind is the most potent aphrodisiac there is. It's very difficult to evaluate something someone is taking because if you tell them it's an aphrodisiac, the hope of a certain response might actually lead to an additional sexual reaction."

 The United States Food and Drug Administration goes a step further: they send legally threatening letters to companies advertising aphrodisiacs.

 Dismiss aphrodisiac foods then? I use aphrodisiac ingredients frequently, because they include some of the tastier ingredients. And some are expensive delicacies: I wish I could afford oysters or snails or truffles more often. Which would-be lover would not warm up over a romantic dinner of truffles and oysters?

 One way to a lover's heart, and bed, is through his/her mouth. A candle-lit, music-in-the-background, dinner accompanied by wine is the perfect opening to an intimate evening. The act of eating good food together - eating being a hedonistic indulgence, whether aphrodisiac or not - is like foreplay.

 Pine Nut Kernel Pinus Strobus Pinus edulis

 These delicious vegetables (my favorite variety is Vidalia {Sweet and crunchy; they go in most of my salads}) have many delicious stories associate with them. Folklore aside, onions have been known to: stimulate blood flow, increase libido, and strengthen reproductive organs. At one time, French newlyweds would eat onions after their weddings to get their libido ready for the honey moon.


 Papaya (like aniseed) is estrogenic, meaning it has compounds that act as the female hormone estrogen. It has been used as a folk remedy in promoting menstruation and milk production, facilitating childbirth and increasing the female libido.


 Rich in vitamin C and and is used in the homeopathic treatment for impotence. Add a spear to a sweet Rum drink for a tasty prelude to an evening of passion.

 Poppy Seeds:

 The poppy is a cute red flower which has been used as an important medicinal plant. For those who don't know, opium (which is known as an aphrodisiac, as well as many other things) is made from the poppy. Poppy seeds themselves are considered an aphrodisiac. Folklore exists about magical properties of the seeds which where once used in potions to induce love or brewed with the intent to seduce. As well as helping libido poppy seeds are also used medicinally to relax, sedate, and ease the stomach.

 Raspberries and Strawberries:

 Perfect foods for hand feeding your lover. "Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as fruit nipples" Both are high in vitamin C and make a sweet light dessert.

 Alternative High-Protein Aphrodisiac:

 Soft Boiled Eggs:  They are simple, yet sexy. All eggs (including: chicken, turtle, fish {called roe}), because they are created from sexual organs, have been considered aphrodisiacs. It is said that eating raw chicken eggs before sex acts as an enhancer. If you're willing to meet the myth halfway, soft-boil them.

 Sage: The man who wishes to make himself equally irresistible should approach the lady he is interested in, with a little bit of dried sage hidden under his tongue.

 Truffles: The Greeks and the Romans considered the rare Truffle to be an aphrodisiac. The musky scent is said to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.

 Vanilla: The scent and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase lust. According to the Australian Orchid Society, "Old Totonac lore has it that Xanat, the young daughter of the Mexican fertility goddess, loved a Totonac youth. Unable to marry him due to her divine nature, she transformed herself into a plant that would provide pleasure and happiness." Fill tall Champagne glasses to the rim and add a vanilla bean for a heady, bubbly treat.

 Wine: A glass or two of wine can greatly enhance a romantic interlude. Wine relaxes and helps to stimulate our senses. Drinking wine can be an erotic experience. Let your eyes feast on the color of the liquid. Caress the glass, savor the taste on your lips. Do remember that excessive alcohol will make you too drowsy for the after-dinner romance. A moderate amount of wine has been said to "arouse" but much more than that amount with have the reverse affect.

 Yarrow: If you are searching for the true love of your life, sleep with under your pillow and you will dream of your true love. It is possible however, that the vision of your dreams does not realize he or she is the mate for you.


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