Basic Botanical Info:Stellaria media,Chickweed.


Basic Botanical Info:Stellaria media,Chickweed.:

Chickweed herb Stellaria Media  Botanical Name:Stellaria media (Linn.)Cyr. or Stellaria media (Cyrill.)
 Family:Caryophyllaceae(pink or carnation family)
 Species:Stellaria media(L.) Vill.
 Official Latin Name: Stellaria media
 English Name:Chickweed
 Chinese Name:繁篓;PinYin Name:Fan Lou
 Chickweed is generally known to most people being a common weed, if not the most common, the world over.
 Flowering time:It flowers throughout the year.
 Astrology:A fine, soft pleasing herb under the dominion of the Moon
 Part Used:Herb,Aerial parts, root.

 Common Names:Chickweed,Stellaria media,Adder's Mouth,Chickweed,Indian Chickweed,Satinflower,Scarweed,Starweed,Starwort,Stitchwort,Tongue Grass,Starweed. Star Chickweed. Alsine media (Linn.). Passerina

 Other Names: Mouse-ear, Satinflower, Starweed, Starwort, Stellaria media, White Bird's Eye,White Bird's-eye,Winterweed;(French) Stellaire.(German) Augentrosgrs.

 Chickweed herb Stellaria MediaHabitat:It has been said that there is no part of the world where the Chickweed is not to be found.It is a native of all temperate and north Arctic regions,and has naturalized itself wherever the white man has settled,becoming one of the commonest weeds.Native to Europe and Asia,chickweed is now found in most regions of the world.Chickweed grows easily in open areas and is generally regarded as a troublesome weed.The plant is harvested in summer. It prefers moist places and wood-sides, but seeds readily on cultivated soil.


  • 1.Chickweed or Stellaria media:Tradition and History.

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  • Name:Chickweed herb Extract
  • Serie No:P089
  • Specifications:10:1.TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-345-5
  • CAS:90131-34-3
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Stellaria Media Extract is an extract of the herb of the chickweed,Stellaria media,Caryophyllaceae

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Chickweed herb Extract INCI Name Stellaria Media Extract CAS 90131-34-3 EINECS ELINCS No 290-345-5 Chickweed extract Stellaria media L Cyr Starweed photo picture image

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